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Six Free Best Word Cloud maker online

I was reading about info-graphics on the web the other day and manage to stumble upon this. Have always loved word art: calligraphy, ambigram.. etc
If you like word art and collage, you would probably like this.

Being able to form word clouds from a paragraph of text can be very fun and useful at times, especially when you want to have a quick understand about the words density, the frequency of each word, by the means of colours, shapes, size, font type etc.

Here I have a six online free word cloud generators that allow you to create your own word collage.

Ever wonder how can you make this? Fear not! There are free online software that allows you to create your own word cloud.
Word collage of
A url Word Collage of
Wordle - allows you to either input your own text or enter your blog address or any web pages that have RSS feed. The above collage is created using Wordle. After that it will automatically generate the word cloud for you. As easy as 123. The word appearance frequency is affected by the source word density. What's good about wordle is that they allow customization. You can pretty much do anything with the word cloud. Lets say you dont like the looks of it, you can change the font, the colours and even remove the words that you don't want it to be in there.
Base cleft collage of my blog
Base cleft Word Collage of
Tagxedo - Is another word collage which I highly recommend, it works pretty much the same as wordle except that it's better.
It definitely has more functions as compared to Wordle. Plus you can preview the fonts at the drop down list unlike wordle interface. If you want to make shape like this bass cleft, Tagxedo can do it for you. Upload your own shapes or just makes use of the templates they offer and the software will populate the text collage for you.
Wordart word cloud
Wordart Collage

 - previously called Tagul is very similar to Tagxedo except that it has a store which offers printed word clouds merchandise. But in order for you to create a customized shape word cloud you'll have to signup for an account. However they do offer a variety of shapes that you can try out.

Worditout Collage
Worditout Collage
Worditout - Allows you to make word clouds using RSS feed, a webpage and even a table of words. You do not have to login for this. The overall feature of the application is good however you cant customize the outline of the area like Tagxedo or Tagul. With the generated words you can have them made into a personalised gifts such as bags, mugs or t-shirts.

Jason Davies  word cloud generator. No signups requires. Easy to use.  You can select your own fonts, angles, scales and orientation of the text. Image can be downloaded in the form of SVG and PNG.

Wordsift - Developed primary for educators by a doctoral student at Stanford university . It is an interesting app that allows you to study the relative frequency of a word by text size. This tool can be useful for formulating word web and request for thesaurus results. Some teachers may even use this for detection of overused words in compositions.

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