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Science Buskers Festival 2013 at Scape

In conjunction with this year Singapore Mini Maker Faire, they have  Science Buskers Festival!!!!

Organised by A*STAR and Singapore Science Centre, Science Buskers Festival is a competitive event that encourage the development of an individual's communication skills through science.
At the same time to generate public interest and awareness in general science.

First visit to Second Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013

Oh yeah!~ manage to visit this year's Singapore Mini Maker Faire~
(Missed the first one because I wasn't aware that Singapore had one in 2012:( awww~)
Although this is the second year Singapore held their own Maker Faire
I believe for most of you, it is your first time hearing about this faire.

If Not!!
You are most likely a person who loves to create things!
Or perhaps you own a shelf of MAKE magazine keepsakes??
Perhaps you always hide yourself away in the secret basement just to
work on your little Arduino projects...

Best Free SEO tool addon for browsers SEO Quake

You only need ONE powerful addon to understand the SEO metrics of a ranking site.
And SEO Quake is the #1 choice that comes to my mind.
Doesn't matter if you are newbie or an expert in SEO.

This tool is very useful for anyone who is doing competitive SEO research, it gives a good guide of where your competitors are actually standing.
Best of all, it's Free.

I'll just briefly go through some of the features that SEOquake offers:

Google and their dongle The Chromecast wave

Google unveiled Chromecast few days back web users from around the world seems to be eyeing on it and hope to get their hands on this little stick.

I cant understand why some people here got so hyped up over this particular product.. when they very well know netflix is not available in Singapore. So what can you do with it? stream youtube videos?
You might as well get an Xbox.

How to fix Galaxy Tab 10.1 boot loop

Bad day..
This morning, I was browsing though the net with my Samsung 10.1 Tab..
Was one of the best tablet when it first came out..  any way
my internet browser suddenly got frozen.. thinking that it was the usual problem
I went on to restart my device..
Happily waited.. saw the animated stars flew round the logo
Then! It just hang there with the glowing Samsung logo -_-...
Ohhhh~.. My "wonderful" tab just went into a bootloop.

Adsense Parser tool Converting html to xml

In order to put your code in the blogger XML template you have to parse your adsense code to XML.
Use the online Adsense Parser tool below.
This is a online html escape Parser tool for parsing any html code to xml format.
You can use this to parse other ads codes too!
That include, but not limited to the follwing: Chitika, Adbrite, Infolink..
Find this online html parser useful? Just Bookmark it! (Ctrl+D) 

Cool games for bored people

First off, Hurray to Singapore! First time a Singaporean won championship at Evo.
Awesome game! I managed to watch the whole game replay. Even though I am not a gamer haha. 
Anyway.. the games I am introducing here are very different from your Classic SEGA Sonic game or even the addicting candy crush game that you play everyday during your office hours. 

What is Off Page SEO and On Page SEO

Before reading this article you should already have basic understanding of what SEO is about. If not, you can always refer to our previous post on What is Search Engine Optimization?  

SEO can be categorised into two sub groups Off page SEO and On page SEO.
This is how I look at Off page and On Page SEO...
The context is pretty much similar to that of a human behavioural psychology theory.
Nature vs Nurture.
How it affects the development of
human or in this case a website.

On Page SEO is similar to "Nature"
while Off Page SEO is similar to "Nurture"

Let me explain further...

Some said that Off page SEO is 30% responsible for the overall SEO process. In my opinion both On page and Off page are mutually responsible for a site to achieve #1 ranking.

Back to school shopping for text books and pens

While folks from certain parts of the world are enjoying their summer vacation at the beach, mine ends this week. :(
Why do Holidays always seem so short?

White Spinach pizza with Garlic Recipes

As usual a little introduction about the food that I am going to cook.
Hmmm... What exactly is a white pizza?  Is it a must to have white sauce (roux made from butter and flour) as the toppings?  Even I myself wasn't sure about the real definition of it either.. So I did some extensive research on the variations.
And I found out that the only difference between a red and a white pizza is white doesn't use tomato sauce.
A white pizza can be made simply from only just cheese and herbs. 
Anyway without further ado
Lets start me cooking show! Popeye is hungry!

Healthy White Spinach Pizza 45 min

Homemade pizza dough base from scratch

Homemade Pizza Dough
Time:1 hour Been a long long time since I had a decent handmade pizza.
So Today I decided to make one myself!
No. I am not going eat those off-shelf factory frozen pizza.
Most of them taste disgusting in my opinion.

Instead of buying processed food, why not learn how to make your own pizza dough from scratch?

Make your own fresh pizza!

Top Best Free Blogging Platform for Beginners

I remember when I first started my blogging it was 10 over years ago.
Till this day the blogosphere is still expanding. More and more people are blogging and which is why you are here to start your own!

For me, blog is just like a diary and notebook.
I only write down memories that I choose to remember, express my own personal thoughts, useful information and personal experiences.
Some people like to write about their gloomy life while others may blog about serious news..
Basically, you can write just about anything on a blog.

And if you are searching for a free blogging platform then this article is written for you!

These three, in my opinion, are my top recommended blogging sites for beginners. Best of all is! they are free! and they are much less likely to face the shut down threat.