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Sixth Avenue Indian Curry House

The bust of flavors~ The aroma from the different spices~ Yes, is Indian cuisine that im talking about.. If you love Indian cuisine, Indian Curry House is definitely one of those eatery that you must visit. Located at the 6th avenue centre directly facing the bustop Indian Curry House have various kinds of authentic indian dishes be it vegetarian or non veg, all packed with wonderful flavors.

8 popular free public data set for machine learning and deep learning

The key to master machine learning is through practice. It is only through experience that you will come to understand the true capability of machine learning and its limitations. I have curated this list of publicly downloadable high quality data sets so that you can learn and hone your skills. The 8 data sets below consist of 4 main category, image, audio,signal and natural language processing. Each of these real-world data has its own unique nuance and approach for artificial intelligence and machine learning experimentation.

Free software for making professional scientific illustrations

Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw are always on the top of list when it comes to creating scientific models for journal publications. These software can be expensive. Especially when designing isn’t part of your main business and you only need occasional graphical illustrations. So~ the question is: Do you really need a paid software to create high quality illustrations? The answer is simply no. As you can see... Below is a brain illustration that I have created using inkscape.

S.E.A. AQUARIUM Resorts World Sentosa

How do you spend your halloween? In the Aquarium ~ blub blub   Considered as one of the largest aquarium in the world, South East Asia Aquarium houses more than 100,000 marine animals. If you are a lover of marine life, this is a definitely a must go place in Singapore~ Wrecked Ship At the entrance of the sea aquarium a gigantic shipwreck was spotted.

Professional 2D Animation software for free

Professional animation software can be expensive. Software like adobe flash can easily cost up to a few hundreds dollars. Even for a simple drag and drop software like PowToon requires a monthly subscription fee of hundred over to gain full access.  But if you’re interested in doing up a high quality animation project without spending a dime then

3 Easy To Use Infographics Maker Online for Free

Creating stunning visual representations of data can be time-consuming yet it is undeniably one of the better ways to get your message across.This is especially true if you are living in this digital era. Yes! We hunger for information and we need it fast. Studies reveal that human brain is able to decipher image elements simultaneously, while language and words are being decoded in a linear manner. In psychological perspective, a carefully crafted infographic can be influential. Today I will be recommending you 3 of the best online Infographics Maker which are easy to use. I've tired all of them. They are simple and all of which are straightforward backend drag-and-drop features. They provide free templates so that you do not have to worry about your colour wheels. Guaranteed in less than 10 minutes you should be able to learn and create your very own jaw dropping infographics. So what are you waiting for start using these powerful tools to create professional-looking info

A trip to Singapore Art Science Museum: Dreamworks Animation and others

Eh.. I should have posted this weeks ago.. anyway keke.. The durians had rolled to Singapore Art Science Museum on the eve of national day~ In commemoration of SG50 the entry was made free for all Singaporeans. yeah~ Oh by the way this is my first visit to Singapore Art Science Museum.