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Six Free Best Word Cloud maker online

I was reading about info-graphics on the web the other day and manage to stumble upon this. Have always loved word art: calligraphy, ambigram.. etc
If you like word art and collage, you would probably like this.

Being able to form word clouds from a paragraph of text can be very fun and useful at times, especially when you want to have a quick understand about the words density, the frequency of each word, by the means of colours, shapes, size, font type etc.

Here I have a six online free word cloud generators that allow you to create your own word collage.

Ever wonder how can you make this? Fear not! There are free online software that allows you to create your own word cloud.

Website to cite sources faster without Microsoft Word

Academic essay writing is never an easy task.
Yeh. I am talking about those laborious rules and rigid guidelines that everyone has to follow while writing any formal report.

Format, styles & citing references Generally there are 4 different types of styles being used worldwide - namely, APA, MLA, CSE and Chicago.
Depending on the subject you are writing for, one has to follow a specific set of standard guidelines . ie. MLA format is generally used for humanities writings, APA for social sciences, CSE for scientific/research papers and Chicago for "real world" publication..

Apart from the headings, sections and subsections formats, components of the refereed sources are to be citied in different order and as well.
This is the part that I usually find it troublesome and time consuming. Sheesh..
Going through each of the reference line carefully, rearranging the authors' names, year of publication etc..  Making sure they are in good order before I can turn in the report…

Online college class schedule template makers

Yeah~ It's another new school year for me~
I presume that most of you have already started your classes.

Now, most universities would have their course schedules put up on line
and only a handful would offer printouts to their students..
Mine doesn't :( therefore it has become a routine for me to make a personalised timetable at the start of every term .

Although we are living in the technological age I still prefer my class schedule to be in hard copy.

Imagine rushing up and down the hallway searching frantically for your classroom.
Tried to access the internet but failed to connect to the school's weak wireless network.
Yes! that has happened to me before!
Believe me. It's not a pleasant experience when you have trouble accessing the school's blackboard .
That is why I always have a printed reference copy with me.

For those who are too busy lazy to build or source for an excel template, like me, you can try to make your own college class schedule online by using…

Wasabi avocado spaghetti with salmon

A new School term has started~
let's whip up something nice for my "rusty" brain today.
(Rusty, it may seem but I've been brainstorming for topics and wacky ideas almost every other day)

This is a simple to make brain boosting (booting) healthy recipe specially catered for hardworking student like you and me~

I came up with this recipe one hungry afternoon. You'd probably not find this weird fusion dish any where else.

It only takes me half an hour to make.

Computer text art ASCII generators and Who's bob?

Back as a trolling tool to evade spam filter, ASCII art is the oldest and simplest from of computer text art or some would say typewriter art.

In the recent years ASCII art has become a common sight in the social media.
And if you are an avid user of YouTube, you might have already seen Bob.

Who's bob Hi I'm Bob the annoying ASCII character who appears every now and then in the YouTube comments.
<---Meet Bob (the builder) who builds his own army of spammers.

This cancerous Bob has been proliferating uncontrollably since the integration of YouTube and Google+ took place.
Bob's rebellious intention is understandable..
with Google is forcing everyone to get a google plus account is no wonder why people get so agitated.
(First it was blogger's commenting system then now youtube...)

However, in my opinion, inconsiderate spamming of comments in any social media is just as absurd.
Google is not going to do anything.. if they want.. they could just do away with another spam fi…

Money saving Deals sites in Singapore

Known by many as the shoppers' paradise, Singapore has at least around 250 malls and centers.
Its no wonder Singaporeans next most favorited pastime is to shop (other than being a glutton).

Since festive season is drawing near.. let me ask you..
Where do you think is the best place to get your latest cheap deals ?
Bing-bong! You guessed it. Is the net!
Concrete stores retailers do not always offer the same promotions as to what they do at their online stores. Reason is because online shops are cheaper to run, they dont have to bother much about their rent, electric bills and some other overhead expenses compared to a shop front business.

And is not surprising to find plenty of hot deals, coupons and discounts sites around here.

Best Presentation Software Powerpoint alternatives That Wow Audience

Having AWESOME business pitching skills and gift of the gab is not enough?
Looking for something better than powerpoint?
How about livening it up with a dazzling animated slideshow. Turn your creative business ideas into an interactive presentations.

Or perhaps you are a student? a teacher? Wrecking your brain everyday just so to make your presentation as engaging as possible.
Ah-.. I still remember those days where I have to sit though hours of presentations daily. The minute I set my eyes on one of those hypnotic slideshow my mind just venture off into the la la land to fight the Z monster.

Everybody knows that a bad powerpoint presentation can be boring and dry, what makes matter worst is when someone customised their slides' design with those dull premade templates of Microsoft. (facepalm)
and then reads directly off the slides words by words. I might as well get a natural voice text reader, it could probably do a better job.

Doesnt matter who you are, entrepreneur, researcher…

Mok bang unhealthy eating for public attention

While people are dying from starvation in some parts of the world, few Koreans are actually overloading themselves with food.

Mok-Bang (a portmanteau words for eating and broadcast) is currently the newest form of "food porn".
Sitting in front of their live web cam, these young gluttons attempt to stuff their mouth with food while answering questions posted by the observers.