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Singapore Responds To Hail Storm

Oh yeah we dont have Kapooya Kapooya but we have dropping ice grapes .

Chef Gordon Ramsay accepts Singapore's Hawker Heroes Challenge

In the early June, a cooking challange was issued to Chef Ramsay by SingTel and a group of well known food bloggers in Singapore.

How did all this happen?
Is actually the result of debates among Singapore food bloggers whether or not if Singapore hawkers are Michelin-worthy?

N95 Masks market price and other things you should know

Busy scrambling around Singapore looking for a cheap respirator mask?

Anyway there are a few points Mr Durian expect you to know before getting your self-defense mask.

Hazy Crazy Burning and The Mask. Smokin

For the past few days this tiny island, I am living on, has been enveloped by thick choking smoke.

Due to illegal forest burning on Indonesia’s Sumatra island, Singapore is now covered with haze.
This is not the first time Singapore got hit by the particulate air.  Earlier this noon the highest PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) record of 266 in 1997 was broken.  I cant believe it.. Singapore's PSI hits 401! 

Revival of the old pong computer game with adsense

Well how many of you remember playing this classic old game on your green computer screen?  I do. Yeh! this is the game that kick-start the whole video game industry.

Casual Card Game Saboteur Fun

Saboteur? Sabotage?

Mr Durian writing a card game review? Are you serious? YES! We played this game throughout the night of my birthday haha and we had great fun!

Yeah. I seldom play games but that doesn't mean I don't play them.. Most games bore me after a while..

But if you are looking for a good casual card game for a group of people, I strongly suggest you getting Saboteur. I got mine from Amazon.
Anyway, this game has been out for quite a while and I have been playing it ever since. Is arguably one of the top rated casual game. Even as a non-gamer, I enjoyed playing this card game very much.

This game revolves around a crew of gold-digging dwarves and the saboteurs.
The good dwarves win when the gold is found . Meanwhile the saboteurs will sabotage the good dwarves from getting to their gold.

Role will be assigned at the start of each round through card picking and will only be disclosed to others when the round ends. Then each players take turns to either lay an action …

Hoshi Japanese Restaurant at IMM

OPERATION: Hoshi Japanese Restaurant (imm)Deployment Area: 2 Jurong East Street 21, #03-01, IMM Building
Operation Time: 11.30 am-10pm (Daily)
Price to Pay:
Adults SGD 33.5+ Children SGD 18.5+ (Price for Buffet)
Adults SGD 38.5+ Children SGD 22.5+ (Dinner on Fri- Sun and Eve of holidays)
Mode of Transport: FREE Shuttle service from Jcube (Route March 15-20 mins)
Other information:

Is durian season. To celebrate Mr Durian's birthday.. (the day he fell from a durian tree) We decided to have our dinner at Hoshi Japanese Restaurant!

Hot and Steamy Pork Ribs with Soybean Paste

It's Time for another Mr Durian's cooking show.
Today we will be learning how to cook the Steamed Spicy Pork Ribs with Fermented Soybean Paste.
This is one of my "comfort food".. Basically, I can eat this everyday and never get tired of it.

The feelings I have for this dish is like how Taiwanese would crave for their (卤肉饭 lu rou fan) braised pork rice.
Sitting on top of the white steamy rice is the rich flavourful spicy cooked meat, covered by a layer of glistening oil. Mmm...The smell - The soybean paste gravy - The umami flavour!
I am already starting to salivate.

Hiring a SEO Firm to write your blog?

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