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Mongolians and Delay Lama Overtone Singing

uuuueeeeeeeeehhhhhh.... auuuuuuueee.. heh cough*

oh Hi there! I was just trying out overtone singing. yeah is fun lol.
I find this vocal sound rather intriguing at the same time unusually entertaining..

This singing technique is believed to have originated from Mongolia, dated back in the period of Genghis Khan. Traditional art of Mongolian overtone throat singing is often coupled with the sound of horse head fiddle.

The Mongolians refer this throat singing technique as hoomii or khoomii. By dexterously controlling the lips muscles, larynx, pharynx and the air flow (pressure), one is capable of producing harmonic partials. Simply put it as they can produce two different notes simultaneously. Is something like a bagpipe or hulusi, a sustaining sound of a drone accompanied by the sound of a chanter.

Mr Durian Going 3D

Yeah currently Im busy working on this Durian. I am using Google sketch up..Quite fun actually.

31/12/12 Update : done with the modelling few days ago still editing the animation for Mr Durian..

Where FREE IMM Shuttle bus service Pick up point Changed!

Damn! the Shuttle bus service to IMM has changed. The pick up and drop off point is now located at JCube instead of Jurong East MRT station.

The operation time for the shuttle services is 10.30am - 10.30pm daily. 5 minutes interval!

I've Wasted 15 minutes here waiting for the bus.. Why because I saw a few people there waiting.. even though there are notices indicating the bus has been redirected to Jcube .

I shall now walk myself there.

To those going to IMM note that the shuttle service pickup pt has now changed to JCube (In front of Macdonald).

What is Aeolian Wind Harp? God plays harp music for you

So what is this Aeolian Wind harp? I only know what is korean's bibimbap 

Aeolian harp is named after Greek God Aeolus, the god keeper of wind. No one is suppose to play this harp, thy Aeolus will play it for you. What I meant is let the wind play the harp for you. This is an old instrument and it became very popular during the romantic period. Even Robert Schumann referenced one of Chopins' Etude as Aeolian Harp (Etude Op. 25, No.1).

Lets hear how the harp sound before we move on to the physics of how it works.

List of Gangnam Style Parodies by Singaporeans

On friday 21st Dec Gangnam Style had hit 1 billion views on youtube. He has yet again make another mark on music history. I was walking around the mall yesterday, strangely indeed people never get tired of Gangnam Style.. MTV was being played on the TV displays while the Uncles Aunties & Children have their eyes glued to the monitor screen.. what an interesting sight.

Even Psy himself cant explain the exact reason to why Gangnam Style is so appealing. And is it possible for him to replicate this phenomenon nobody knows?

How to Add Star Rating Review Markup For Blogger

I was surfing just a while ago, not in the sea but on the internet.
And I noticed that some review sites have these little stars showing on the search results.

So I was wondering, is it possible for me as a blogger to have my own rating stars as well since I am also doing abit of food service reviews.

And yes it is possible! So those of you bloggers out there who are doing product or any other kind of reviews You are in Luck!

What is Starrboard and Harpejji?

Spongebob: Hi! That Patrick Star what is starrboard ? does it shaped like you?
That patrick star: uhNo? but it kinda look like you.
Spongebob: oh. ah. i see .. so what do you do with it?
That patrick star: You play with it?
Spongebob: oooohhh..
Both: gahahahaa gahahahaa ....

Composer's Block Composer's nightmare

I am having composer's block now! In fact most creators have the same problems. Doesn't matter if you are a  Writers, artist or designer.. we all have this mental block. Even sometimes when I write my blog article my head becomes like a "block of wood".  (Ps: that picture on the left is not my portrait but the right is o.o)

It is annoying, ideas just wont come after pondering for hours and we often get frustrated with ourselves.

You feel like you've tried everything but nothing seems to work. Or have you? Have you really Tried everything?

12/12/12 Guess what Beethoven was doing 220 years ago

In year 1792 Dec 12 Beethoven had his first composition lesson from Franz Joseph Haydn. A year after Mozart death.

A quote from Beethoven finical backers, Ferdinand von Waldstein, " You are going to Vienna in fulfilment if your long-frustrated wishes.. you will receive the spirit of Mozart from the hands of Hayden".

Haydn is one of the well known classical era composer alongside with Mozart. It is believed that Haydn and Mozart are great friends and they often admire each other's work.

Discovering: Auto-tune Scientists sings

Symphony of Science  It was years ago when I first stumbled upon Symphony of Science and I have always been a huge fan of it ever since.

Symphony Of Science is a music project created by John D Boswell. I love his unique way of mashing up clips from various Science Documentaries and turning them into uplifting music.

Enough of my talking
Lets listen to your favourite auto-tuned Scientists sings.

If you want to listen to more of his work or wish to download them you can check out the Official Symphony Of Science site.

There is no Disability in music. We are all equal

I've always admire these musicians and I feel they should deserve our utmost respect. Although disabilities may affect their daily life in one way or another, but in the musical world they are certainly the "superhuman". Their passion for music will always glow.
My 3 favourite Superhuman artist...Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827) | Tinnitus

It is usually a misconception that he was a deaf baby. Beethoven was not born deaf. He started losing his hearing at age 30 around the period of 1801. And by the age of 41 he started communicating using notebooks.

Below is a popular excerpt of Beethoven's Symphony No 9.. Ode to Joy
Beethoven was a total deaf when he conducts this symphony and was known that one of the soprano soloist had him turn around to accept the applause.

Ray Charles (1930-2004) | Glaucoma One of the greatest legendary artist in soul music. Charles's sight begin to deteriorate when he was five. And at the young age of seven he completely became blind. But n…

Chicken or Egg Question?

Chicken or egg : that is the question! This egg and chicken problem has always been a dilemma...
There are several proven theories out there but we can never know which one are the real deal..
Even up till today the debates still continues...

Instead of boring you and going through all the records of debates.. I'll just jump straight into how I view this chicken egg thingy..
By the way my answer is chicken came first. Reason?

I know Kiwi but What is EWI?

What is EWI? What a weird name for a musical instrument. It makes me feel like eating KIWI, the hairy fruit not the bird.

EWI known as Electronic Wind Instrument. Was invented by Nyle Steiner in the 1960s.

The fingering system is similar to that of a saxophone and clarinet. Since EWI is a Midi powered device you can basically play any instruments or synthesized sound with it.  If you don't understand what a Midi device is just think of as an electronic keyboard with a library of pre-set instruments.

Google Makes Jam with chrome?

Eww.. Metalic chromium Jam!
Nah.. not taking about the fruity jam that you spread on your bread every morning..

Just last month , Google has launched another cool experiment is called JAM with chrome.
Yeah Google like to do experiments.. So do I. keke.. you can visit their Library of experiments here.

So What is this Jam with Chrome experiment about? It is actually a web based interface that allows people from all over the world to JAM together in real time. There is a total of 19 playable instruments for you to select, ranging from drum kits to drum pads to guitar to  keyboards..

Even if you have no talent in playing the instruments Google has installed the easy mode switch for you.  Instead of playing each single note, they have loops in easy mode autoplay.

I've tried playing it.. I find it glitchy though. Anyway there are a few limitations that I would like to point out. The app allows invitation up to 3 people which means you can only have 4 people, including yourself, in the s…

Nuffnang: Gosh I lost my GLITTERATI status!!

Yesterday when I login to to my nuffnang account, I found out that I've lost my Glitterati Status Oh my!...
I am already earning pathetic peanuts from it.. and now my Nuffnang Glitterati got stripped off.

After checking through my site I found out the possible reasons why I am being demoted back to Non-Glitterati.

Stupid me.! I've added my inactive blog to my Nuffnang account. And Even though I have added the Nuffnang ad code to my blog the ad units doesnt show-up. Why? because I am using the dynamic view template..

I dont know what is the real reason behind my demotion..maybe is because the blog is stagnant or the ads cant be detected by Nuffnang's "Crawling insect".
For whatever reason I just want my Glitterati status back.. Immediately I went on to remove the inactive site from my account.

And today I am glad that I got my Glitterati status back.

Note to nuffnang users: For Nuffnang members out there I urge you to always check your blog and see if the ad units…