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Sixth Avenue Indian Curry House

The bust of flavors~
The aroma from the different spices~
Yes, is Indian cuisine that im talking about..

If you love Indian cuisine, Indian Curry House is definitely one of those eatery that you must visit. Located at the 6th avenue centre directly facing the bustop Indian Curry House have various kinds of authentic indian dishes be it vegetarian or non veg, all packed with wonderful flavors.

Personally i've tired many of their dishes and i really like it especially the Sheekh kebab (lamb rolled on a skewer), palak paneer, butter chicken and Rasmali.

Do take not that they may need some time to cook there food. It make take a while if you had a big order.

Ok. Time to show you the food that I ate. Mmmm mmm. Life is wonderful.

For those of you who come in a small group best is to get their set lunch as you get to try at least three of their dishes in a single platter.


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