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Last Revised: Sunday, August 11, 2013


I've always been fascinated with collage artwork. Be it text (word collage) or pictures.
Long gone are the days where we need to do all the manual cutting and pasting.
Now most photos were digitally edited and kept as a digital photo book.

Some of you may be wondering how your friends are able make these wonderful photo montage on Facebook or Photobucket? How were they able to put several pictures into one image? Did they use some kind of digital photo editing software like Aperture or Photoshop?
Well, I doubt they did~ Because using such programs to create image collage requires a good amount time and skills. You'd probably need to read though a few photo editing tutorials before you can do anything.

The easier method is to use an online collage maker software.
Not only it allows you to piece multiple photos together and create wonderful shapes of images, they often include a few customizable collage templates which you can play around with.
Best of all~ no download and installation is required from any of them.
Saving up every little memory space of your sluggish pc.
Time to turn some of your favourite memories into an awesome art.
Of course, I have tried all of them. You can refer to all the collages that I've made from their respective photo collage online editing software.

Mr Durian Photovisi Collage2Mr Durian Photovisi Collage

Straight forward interface. Allows you to choose different background for your collage.
They have tons of template for you to choose from however some may need you to register before you can use it.  After you finish you can choose to share your collage to facebook/twitter or you can just save it on you computer for other use.

lovey dovey Mangosteen Durian
Interface is slightly more complex but still friendly for users. More customisable. They have lovey dovey shapes templates like those above. In additions to Photovisi they have sharing options for Picasa Tumblr and Flickr too. All the feature they have here are free and doesn't requires any registration or what so ever.


As what their name says.. the included templates are mostly family, kids, love oriented and some really nice pre made text elements like the one you've seen in the above collage which you can choose to add.(Always & Forever Durian)  Though it allows sharing for most of the social networking sites, their overall design was not able to provide me with a good user experience.

So what are you waiting for? start making your own collages online today~
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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