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Academic essay writing is never an easy task.
Yeh. I am talking about those laborious rules and rigid guidelines that everyone has to follow while writing any formal report.

Format, styles & citing references

Generally there are 4 different types of styles being used worldwide - namely, APA, MLA, CSE and Chicago.
Depending on the subject you are writing for, one has to follow a specific set of standard guidelines . ie. MLA format is generally used for humanities writings, APA for social sciences, CSE for scientific/research papers and Chicago for "real world" publication..

Apart from the headings, sections and subsections formats, components of the refereed sources are to be citied in different order and as well.
This is the part that I usually find it troublesome and time consuming. Sheesh..
Going through each of the reference line carefully, rearranging the authors' names, year of publication etc..  Making sure they are in good order before I can turn in the report.

Well~ some of you may still be using the good old manual method (like what I did before) or even try to create a works cited page with your dexterous Microsoft word skills.
But all these methods are, in my opinion, inefficient, slow and outdated.
So how to cite sources faster?
Is there any better way to do it?
Yes there is indeed~ with the help of a Citation tool, Of course~

These generators are smart! Not only will they help you with the arrangement orders, some of them even include auto populate/ auto fill feature whereby you'll only have to key in the book titles or article titles.
Definitely a great time saver for students.
Which means more time for you to check for plagiarism, spelling or grammar mistakes.

Millions of student are using it.
There is no reason to why you shouldn't make good use of these online citing generators~

BibMe - This is my favourite citing tool. The interface is user friendly. Offers 4 different formats- MLA, APA, Chicago and Turabian. You can  choose to save up and download your bibliography of citations after signing-in to BibMe.

Son of Citation Machine - This is the first citing site I had used years back. Currently there seems to be a problem with their ISBN/Web lookup feature. The site may be down.

Easybib- Very similar to BibMe. Only MLA citation generator is free to use.

#You will be able to find more citing machines online however these three are the top favourites among my peers (college students).  They all have the auto fill and manual key in functions. 

PS:Don't forget to use a citation machine next time when you are rushing for a report.
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