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Last Revised: Thursday, August 8, 2013


As some of you know my school term has already started. Has been always a pain for me even just to draft up my research papers outline. Afraid that the articles I wrote couldn't pass the authenticity check. No. I don't I cut and paste. However sometimes is really difficult to churn out a 100 percent original assignment when there are already so many well written papers out there.

Some schools and universities are using paid popular software like turnitin for plagiarism detection. What about some of us, students or maybe even teachers, who cant afford to pay for software?
How to check our papers for originality? Are there any other free alternative tools?

What if you are a blogger or copywriter who strive to produce content that is uniquely yours. Very well we know that this however may not be the case. You can't be the only one writing articles online, there are millions or may be billions who does the same thing as you. And also as a web master you may like to check if other site constitutes to any copyright infringement.
Ps: My site was being scrapped once, lucky I was fast and took legal actions against the scrapper.

Wherever you came from I have took my time and compiled a list of my best five free online plagiarism checker that will help you do the scanning. Uses search engine. They have a software download available for Window checking for plagiarism free online with input URLs and various text documented files. Allows you to paste the entire paper into a search box Get their premium for more accuracy and features. A simple online plagiarism detection tool used widely among webmaster and SEO audits. The alternative to Turnitin you'll have to install software for this. Cut and past your contents in the text box phrases will be match up using Google or Yahoo searches.

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Know any other plagiarism checker tool online which doesn't cost a penny?
Share it with us in the comment section. It would be very much appreciated. 
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