Best Presentation Software Powerpoint alternatives That Wow Audience

Last Revised: Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Having AWESOME business pitching skills and gift of the gab is not enough?
Looking for something better than powerpoint?
How about livening it up with a dazzling animated slideshow. Turn your creative business ideas into an interactive presentations.

Or perhaps you are a student? a teacher? Wrecking your brain everyday just so to make your presentation as engaging as possible.
Ah-.. I still remember those days where I have to sit though hours of presentations daily. The minute I set my eyes on one of those hypnotic slideshow my mind just venture off into the la la land to fight the Z monster.

Everybody knows that a bad powerpoint presentation can be boring and dry, what makes matter worst is when someone customised their slides' design with those dull premade templates of Microsoft. (facepalm)
and then reads directly off the slides words by words. I might as well get a natural voice text reader, it could probably do a better job.

Doesnt matter who you are, entrepreneur, researcher, designer, student or educator. Other than powerpoint I have for you 5 awesome presentation alternatives that will Wow your audience. Since they are cloud based software (download free) you can access them anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.


Unlike the mundane powerpoint presentation you get to see everyday, Prezi is easily one of the top choice among other cloud based presentation software largely due to its unique ability of allowing you to create mind maps that are animated with transitions. The flying/zooming in, panning effect is what makes a Prezi presentation comparable to a Kinetic Typography video.


Probably the next best power point alternative to Prezi. Powtoon is both cartoony and funky. It's easy drag and drop feature allows you to create pure AWESOMEness animated slides in just a matter of minutes. Upon finishing you get to convert your creation into video and share them on either youtube, google+, Twitter or Facebook.


Simple, straightforward is what this program is about. A free presentation tool built based on HTML5 instead of flash and it has its own cloud storage. Which means you can easily access your presentation slides any where, any time, with any smart device you have on hand.


Are you into video presentation? Then Rawshorts is the perfect software for you. Create professional product showcase videos, marketing videos or even pitch videos. Youtube marketing has never been made any easier.. so what are you waiting for?

Zoho show

Similar to powerpoint interface, Zoho show software supports different of imported files format: ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx, .odp, .sxi. It allows embedding of pictures and videos straight from the web. This is too a cloud base software with a unique url assigned to each presentation that allows you to embed in your email or blogs.

Bonus: For my fellow blog readers!

An easy to use powerpoint plugin aid which automatically transform the designs of your raw templates with just a single click. Very convenient tool for those who doesnt have time to customize their powerpoint template.
However do take note about this when you install Visualbee as several sources point out that it contains toolbar malware. PS: I've never tried this program as I didnt want to have any unnecessary stuff on my pc. Anyway if any of you have installed it before. Please let me know if the irritating toolbar installation is true.
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