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Last Revised: Saturday, March 1, 2014


No time to read? Why not convert your reading materials to speech audio and downloaded to your mp3 player.
I am college student myself and I understand that most of you might not have much free time on hand to do your reading. This is especially true for those Commuter/Part-time Students who have to manage both their work and studies at the same time.

While you're not in the office, not you only have to deal with the family responsibilities but also your preparation for finals.
Waa~ So Many Things To Do So Little Time..  Where Got Time~
An octopus has 8 legs 3 hearts But you! only have 4 limbs one heart. Aww you poor thing..
So~ instead of having to scan through all the documents, I suggest you to break up your revisions and lecture notes, convert them into audio file and listen to them while you are on the go. Make good use of every little bits and pieces of time you had.

There are actually quite a handful of converter online which are totally free and naturally-sounding.
Dont believe me? Try googling for "convert text to speech mp3 online".
However~ I must let you know that most of them do not convert large text files to audio.

If you really need to convert large text files to audio? My best suggestion for you currently is to go for a reasonably cheap premium/free app called SoundGecko.
SoundGecko - Supports Android and iphone
They do offer a free trail option which allows you to listen up to 30 web articles per day including one RSS feed channel, within a word limit of 4000 per article, I would say that is more than enough for me.  If you are podcast listener this is the app for you.

Also if you are using Google Chome as web browser, they have an extension for it. Which makes converting of articles to mp3 much easier.

Know of any free text to mp3 converter that were able to convert unlimited string of words or characters?
Drop it in the comment!
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