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Last Revised: Monday, January 21, 2013


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Nuffnang Baby Member earning from CPUV Campaign
As some of you might know I have started this blog for about 3 mths plus already. My traffic is still pretty low. One reason being the primary niche I am targeting is low, that brings out the reason to why I am doing a multi niche lifestyle blog. I also understand that a 6 mths period is required for a new site to be fully indexed and take off. But whatever blogging is suppose to be fun and I write what I like..

I know some of you bloggers out there might have the same experience like I do so I am sharing this information with your. Low traffic and you are probably a member of Nuffnang. However you have no idea why are you not earning from the CPUV campaign. So one day I've decided to send a ticket to Naffnang Staff asking them whether do I need a certain number of unique visitors per day in order to earn from CPUV. Here is the reply from one of the staffs.

Hi 123456,

As there are no particular amount of unique visitors you are required per day in order to earn from the CPUV Campaigns, bloggers with higher hits will get priority.

This is because advertisers select blogs for CPUV campaigns are based on several criteria such as a blog's target audience, blogging genre and influence.

So you can focus on making sure your ads are optimally placed, updating your blogger profile and survey will increase the chances of advertisers noticing your blog and therefore increasing the chances of your blog being chosen for CPUV Campaigns.

Bloggers with Glitterati status are also prioritised higher during the selection.

Hope this clarifies.


So inorder to get our blog chosen for CPUV campaigns we have to look at these criteria..
  1. The number of hits your blog gets, after all it still require some traffic but they just never say.
  2. Blog genre.. I've talked about this earlier in my post. 
  3. Optimally placed.. I guess I am placing them correctly.. nothing much to hiam 
  4. Profile survey. This is important... I know.. I have done it and have been updating occasionally
  5. Glitterati status I am already one.. keke.. but the baby is still trying hard..
Ok.. Even though I am still earning Peanuts but I will still try to work hard on my blog, hopefully I can bring you something fresh and better each time. Ultimately my goal here is to share my knowledge.. be it music food or blogging seo...

Update: Latest post Finally I got my CPUV campaign
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