Selected for Nuffnang CPUV Campaign

Last Revised: Friday, March 15, 2013


Oh yeah.. This is a squeal post to Why am I not selected for CPUV Campaign?

Visit the above link if you are still not sure of what are the criteria in enrolling to their CPUV campaign or maybe you've forgotten about our Nufffnang baby member?

Yup he has worked hard and hard work does pay off.. Finally he manage to get into one Campaign yeah... lolz

CPUV Campaigns For Sound@venture
CPUV Campaigns For Sound@venture

Knowing that some of you out there are just like me, still very curious about the required unique visitors figures. Especially if you are an engineer you want quantitative data lol.
hmm.. Well I'll just share with you what I know.. and perhaps some lao jiao (old bird ~ old hand) Nuffnang users can enlighten us or share your experiences with us.

My figure here is solely for your reference only.. I am only sharing what I have experienced.
Over the past few weeks I have written one particular article that brought in well over a 100 -200 unique visitors daily to my blog.. You can easily spot which post I am talking about.. this lasted for about a week then there is a slight drop to about a 100 visitors.. Yup! This is the figure you may want to look into constant 100 daily unique visitors ..  Yeah I know my traffic is still pretty low I need more facebook fans haha but I am quite happy with it and still working hard on it..

Although my site is about 5 months now.. I have yet to see my site being fully indexed by Google... till then I shall wait for my Google Adsense approval.. 頑張ってね!
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