Choosing a Musical Instrument? What should I play?

Last Revised: Saturday, January 19, 2013


What music instrument should I get? a piano, flute, guitar, drum ...?
This is a very common question for someone who wants to start learning music and not knowing how to go about choosing it.

Allow me to provide you with some helpful Question to ask yourself when you want to make your way to a music store. You certainly do not want to make a bad investment? do you?

These are the few points to consider if you would like to pick up an instrument:
Please think though each of them carefully, they are all important factors that may affect your decision before making any purchase
  1. Important! Ask yourself Do you really want to learn and play a Music Instrument!
    If you are still sitting on the fence or just because of sudden urge.. you can forget about learning one..

  2. What Kind of Music do you like?
    Is best to learn an instrument that you love listening to. If you like classical music get a classical instrument. If you like Rock find something that is featured Under the Rock.

  3. Try out the instruments if you have any friends or family who is playing the instruments and perhaps get them to share with you about their learning journey.. 

  4. You need to understand the function and mechanism of that instrument you are buying.
    Some instruments have different functions and mechanics. Some features may not be necessary while others may be too complex for that may hinder your learning.

  5. How portable you like your instrument to be
    Do you have enough space for your instrument.. where do you want to practice your instrument.. would you like to carry your instrument with you.

  6. Find out what kind of maintenance is needed for the instrument ..
    Some instruments may require alot of maintenance, needless to say the cost that comes with it.
    for better understanding you may want to look at the maintenance difference between acoustic piano, digital piano and a keyboard

  7. Your budget plays a part in your selection.
    The price of the instrument and if you taking lessons how much will it cost per session..

  8. There are always Other alternatives
    If you cant afford you can always go for the renting option.. and usually plastic instruments are cheaper.. if you dont mind you can even try making a music instrument yourself (make yourself a quena flute).. 
Lastly no one can be certain on how far you can go in your music journey.. if you enjoy what you play you are most likely to excel in it.. So DO NOT ever ask how long will this or that take to master.. it varies among individuals.

Instead you should enjoy the process of learning and playing an instrument and not measuring it with mastery time..

Share with me what kind of instruments are you leaning? any exotic ones haha. 
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