Plastic Musical Instrument! Cheaper Alternative

Last Revised: Monday, October 22, 2012


Living in our current world, you'll find plastic practically everywhere!

Plastics are so easy to work with. They don't rust or rot. Easily the popular material of choice among manufacturers.

However the most prominent downside of using polymer is that they are not biodegradable ..

What if we can make good use of its infamous property?
We can recycle the waste plastic and make it into a music instrument.

Some people will argue that the quality of sound is different and compare it with a real hand made instrument.. However I would think of it as an alternative for people who cant afford these expansive hand crafted instrument.

The first time I learned about 3D printing technology, I thought to myself "will anyone print instruments out from a 3D printer?"

Yes indeed more and more people are printing musical instruments out from it.

Here is another one, plastic printed flute

As you can see all these videos are published one year ago, now if you search around the web you can find plastic trombone, saxophone, flute, clarinet .. .  all selling at a cheaper rate than a skillfully crafted one of course.
As mentioned above, these instruments cannot be compared to a hand crafted one. I will definitely give credit for the workmanship required in building the hand crafted instrument, I too am a flute maker.. But that doesn't mean a hand crafted instrument will always provide a better quality sound. With current technology precise custom designed instruments can be made to optimise resonance. 

I will end this post by providing some benefits of having plastic instruments. 

Advantages of plastic music instruments:

They are cheaper 
Easy to customised 
It is durable (it won't dent or crack when droped) 
They can be washed 
You can play them in the rain? 

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