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Last Revised: Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Yeah~ It's another new school year for me~
I presume that most of you have already started your classes.

Now, most universities would have their course schedules put up on line
and only a handful would offer printouts to their students..
Mine doesn't :( therefore it has become a routine for me to make a personalised timetable at the start of every term .

Although we are living in the technological age I still prefer my class schedule to be in hard copy.

Imagine rushing up and down the hallway searching frantically for your classroom.
Tried to access the internet but failed to connect to the school's weak wireless network.
Yes! that has happened to me before!
Believe me. It's not a pleasant experience when you have trouble accessing the school's blackboard .
That is why I always have a printed reference copy with me.

For those who are too busy lazy to build or source for an excel template, like me, you can try to make your own college class schedule online by using one of these sites.
College ruled
Add in your course type, names and colours for the different courses. Only has a week of Monday to Friday, 7am to 9pm.  Pretty limited and rigid generator, you cant really do much with it. You'll have to sign in to your facebook to save the schedule.

Grade tracker
Create your own organized colour coded class schedule from Monday to Friday. From 7am to 10pm. Allocate your own time slot by clicking on the empty slot. To delete, click on the cell again. Unlike others this generator has a function that allows you to print out the schedule. 

So far these are the only two makers that do not require any signing in/enroll to a specific university. 
Which means they allow any course/code names to be added in. 
You are welcome to write in the comments if you can find any other online college class schedule template makers that are free to use. 

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