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Last Revised: Sunday, January 12, 2014


Known by many as the shoppers' paradise, Singapore has at least around 250 malls and centers.
Its no wonder Singaporeans next most favorited pastime is to shop (other than being a glutton).

Since festive season is drawing near.. let me ask you..
Where do you think is the best place to get your latest cheap deals ?
Bing-bong! You guessed it. Is the net!
Concrete stores retailers do not always offer the same promotions as to what they do at their online stores. Reason is because online shops are cheaper to run, they dont have to bother much about their rent, electric bills and some other overhead expenses compared to a shop front business.

And is not surprising to find plenty of hot deals, coupons and discounts sites around here.
To make your life easier, I’ve compiled a list of popular deals sites that has helped me saved a few hundreds over the years. Hoho.. Time to unleash our spending power.

Special Highlights: Getaways, Accommodations, Luxury goods, bags, watches, Food and Beverage deals, Beauty products and Services.
Payment options: Debit/ Credit card, Paypal or American Express.
Special Highlights: Cheap hotel and Accommodations deals, Travel insurance, Travel packages, Universal Studios Singapore, Buffet deals, F&B.
Payment options: Debit/ Credit card, Paypal, echeck or American Express.

Deals Aggregator: Major seasonal sales, fairs, promotions. That includes deals
promotions, Price Lists & Images of Flyer.
Payment options: nil

Deals Aggregator: Travels, Gadgets, Lifestyle products
Payment options: Debit/ Credit card, Paypal, echeck or American Express.

Hardwarezone PriceLists
A renowned Technology Lifestyle Forums in Singapore, do check out the forums as well.
Retail/promotional brochures that are mostly from road shows and events: Mobile gadgets and gizmos oriented. Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Digital cameras. IT promo, IT fair brochures.
Payment options:nil

Online price comparison website: Product range from Computer Software to Beauty Care to Home Appliances.
Payment options:nil

Of course, the above are only some of my favourite deals site which I often visit.
If you have any Daily Deals or promotions sites to recommend feel free to share it in the comment section.
Please help me by writing a short description with regards to the deal site that you have provided.

~With the rising cost of living we'll just have look for ways to tighten our belt, but at the same time make sure you open your eyes big big O.O and read those small little fine lines before you make any purchase:)
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