Smartphone, Dumbphone & Xperia V went for diving

Last Revised: Friday, November 22, 2013


Yosh! I am back! haha.
Yeah  have been busy lately with my exams and report writing -_-" ...
Got myself a new handset few months back for re-contracting my plan .

Usually I would go for a white phone but the white Xperia V only had its back cover white. (front remains black) :(
Long story short -  I prefer phones with uniform colour and a sleek/clean design.

Have been using Sony ever since the Brick phone or dumbphone Era ended (remember your indestructible Nokia 3310 which you can practically use them for Grenade throw practices. "Grenade!")
Why I adore Sony? Maybe because they pioneered personal music player? The Walk-man?  cassette player ? MiniDisc (MD)? ..
Heh. And I managed to dig out these old gadgets at home..
MD player and cassette player
My MD player and Dad's cassette player
The evolution of technology...
Application for Nokia 3310 is endless
Application for Nokia 3310 is endless
Gorilla Glass

Just half a decade ago?? Phones were teeny tiny and durable. Now they are large and smashable.

Even the best screen made by Gorilla isn't crack resistant.
Aww. there goes my mobile battering ram.

Anyway ~ Back to the Xperia V~

new Xperia V
Since I am not a big phone lover, I find this droid slightly large. Weighs about 120g.
The design is clean -  Matte back cover with a glossy font Gorilla glass.
But if you like to collect grit, the protruding bezel at the bottom may help you out.

This cell phone has 2 built-in cameras, a font facing  0.3 mega pixels camera  and a 13 mega pixels camera at the back. Also, all Xperia smartphones came with the Sony Mobile BRAVIA® Engine. An image processing algorithm that was developed by Sony to render the images or videos by reducing the noise, sharpening, etc..

Water resistant is the main feature of this phone. You can toss it into the sea and wait for the snorkellers to text you? How true is this story you decide. Below is the news story from Taiwan.

And below is the footage of the Xperia V  which went swimming under the sea. 

Interesting? but I suggest you to take it with a grain of salt. lol..
The battery life of Xperia V is adequate for me as I don't have much calls to do. Just remember that if you are using a smartphone, you should always turn off the network connections when you are not using. This is how I extend a smartphone battery life.

Overall, this is a good phone and I will be carrying it with me around for a long long time...
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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