White Spinach pizza with Garlic Recipes

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As usual a little introduction about the food that I am going to cook.
Hmmm... What exactly is a white pizza? 
Is it a must to have white sauce (roux made from butter and flour) as the toppings? 
Even I myself wasn't sure about the real definition of it either..
So I did some extensive research on the variations.
And I found out that the only difference between a red and a white pizza is white doesn't use tomato sauce.
A white pizza can be made simply from only just cheese and herbs. 

Anyway without further ado
Lets start me cooking show! Popeye is hungry!

Healthy White Spinach Pizza 45 min
Since I love spinach alot, I 'll show you how to make my healthy pizza with spinach and garlic. Say no more to pizza delivery.
For this recipe I'll start straight from the toppings, if you are interested to make your own pizza base please refer to my previous post on homemade pizza dough/base

Spinach and Sliced Garlic
Spinach and Sliced Garlic 

1 medium-sized pizza base
3 cloves of  sliced garlic
1 large bowl of fresh spinach (washed and spin-dry it if possible)
Shredded cheese - I using a combination of 3 cheeses
Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan
3/4 tsp of Butter/Margarine

Note: No additional salt in my recipe. Both butter/margarine and cheese contain salt. They are flavourful enough to satisfy my taste buds.

  1. Go Preheat your oven! haha.
  2. Heat up your pot melt in your butter/magarine
  3. Lightly saute your sliced garlic 
  4. THROW IN! Popeye's favourite vegetable and toss it lightly
  5. Cover the pot let it cook for about a minute 
  6. Uncover the pot continue to toss until all the spinach wilts
    spinach wilts
  7. Leave the vege inside the pot to cool 
  8. Transfer the spinach onto your chopping board and lightly chop it (do not pat dry the spinach)
    lightly chopped spinach
  9. Spread the spinach on your pizza base followed by the cheese (cheese will prevent the spinach from drying after baking)
    Spinach Pizza Waiting to be baked
  10. Bake for about 20-30 minutes at 218°C
    Pizza in Oven
  11. Remember to switch sides in-between for a nice even bake.  
See looks great doesnt it?!
Slice of White Spinach Pizza
Slice of White Spinach Pizza 
Additional info.. Do you really need a pizza stone to make a great pizza?
The answer is no. I just lay a sheet of aluminium foil on top of my baking rack with my pizza on it.

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