Science Buskers Festival 2013 at Scape

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Science Buskers Festival 2013
Science Buskers Festival 2013

In conjunction with this year Singapore Mini Maker Faire, they have 
Science Buskers Festival!!!!
Science Buskers
Science Buskers

Organised by A*STAR and Singapore Science Centre, Science Buskers Festival is a competitive event that encourage the development of an individual's communication skills through science.
At the same time to generate public interest and awareness in general science.

Though the competition is open to anyone aged between 7 to 70. Most of the participating buskers there are young schoolers. Would be much more exciting if age gaps between the contestants were wider.
haha perhaps next time they can have emeritus to join in the busking.  
That would be interesting~ by the way costume is also part of the judging criteria.
Young scientists at work~

Mr Durian would love to grow such hair ↓ on his peduncle

Should have ask them What gases can be used in a plasma globe.. 
Anyway nice recap for me about plasma 

Batman vs Superman 
Superman won

If you've been there. You wont miss this booth 
Probably the most captivating poop booth around haha. 
Learn everything about your poop. 

Guess what's this booth for haha~

Science is a wonderful subject~ dont ya think so~ 

And Hey! Dont be sad if you've missed this year's Maker Fair or Buskers Festival! 
The Singapore Science Festival is still on! From 19 July - 4 August 
To all Science lover Hurry hurry! Check out the upcoming lined up events here
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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