First visit to Second Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013

Last Revised: Monday, July 29, 2013


Oh yeah!~ manage to visit this year's Singapore Mini Maker Faire~
Minimaker Faire
Minimaker Faire
(Missed the first one because I wasn't aware that Singapore had one in 2012:( awww~)
Although this is the second year Singapore held their own Maker Faire
I believe for most of you, it is your first time hearing about this faire.

If Not!!
You are most likely a person who loves to create things!
Or perhaps you own a shelf of MAKE magazine keepsakes??
Perhaps you always hide yourself away in the secret basement just to
work on your little Arduino projects...

So what is Maker Fair? 
Maker Fair is basically a large scale carnival started by Make magazine in 2006 (San Francisco), where all crafters, engineers, inventors, designer... gathers to "show off " , share ideas on what they've made..
Since then this movement seems to have caught on around world. Even Japan has their very own Maker Faire.
So is highly possible that you may find one near you.
If you happen to chance upon one do check em out
If you are someone who enjoys D.I.Y projects! This is event is specially catered for you.

Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013

This year's Singapore Mini Maker Faire at SCAPE warehouse. (27-28 JULY)
Scape 2 Orchard Link
SCAPE @ 2 Orchard Link
Hot day~ Oh~ someone's taking a picture of me ^^
Time for me to Spam your eyes with Maker Faire photos... Wee~
Singapore Mini Maker Faire & Science Buskers Festival
Two Big Big Banners Singapore Mini Maker Faire & Science Buskers Festival 
This years Maker Fair is in conjunction with Science Buskers Festival
Maker Fair 1

Maker Fair 2

3d printer

 Oo I manage to dismount the printed model off this 3D printer 
My first encounter with a 3D printer ~
Cool rapid prototyping technology

Shapeways and their powder-based printed models 
Look at these amazing 3d printed objects!
Shapeways booth

Took this on stage while Kiki Tay was presenting at the other end..  

Yeah ~ Got my Goodie Bag ~ lolz.  my favourite item is the red Maker Faire badge with colour changing LED lights
Maker Faire Goodie Bag

Didnt manage to catch any workshops I like, was either too late for it or they require pre registration..

Whatever ~ The whole event was fun for me. Had a great chat with some of the makers.
Hope in the next coming years more and more people will get to know about this festival and join in the maker movement celebration.
Let's make a bigger and better Maker Fair here in Singapore. (No more Mini me haha~)

If you are interested about the details feel free to check out the interviews they had with these makers at Singapore maker fair blog.

Next post: Science Buskers Festival 
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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