What is Off Page SEO and On Page SEO

Last Revised: Thursday, July 18, 2013


Before reading this article you should already have basic understanding of what SEO is about. If not, you can always refer to our previous post on What is Search Engine Optimization?  

Nature vs Nurture babySEO can be categorised into two sub groups Off page SEO and On page SEO.
This is how I look at Off page and On Page SEO...
The context is pretty much similar to that of a human behavioural psychology theory.
Nature vs Nurture.
How it affects the development of
human or in this case a website.

On Page SEO is similar to "Nature"
while Off Page SEO is similar to "Nurture"

Let me explain further...

Some said that Off page SEO is 30% responsible for the overall SEO process.
In my opinion both On page and Off page are mutually responsible for a site to achieve #1 ranking.

So what is off page seo and on page seo? 

Off page optimization = Nurture
When we say Off page SEO, we are referring to the techniques use beyond our website that will help us improve search engine ranking. In another words, we are not dealing with the site itself but rather the surroundings factors that contribute to the site's ranking. Just like how the environment would influence a baby's development. 

Many relate to Off page SEO as link building. And what web-masters want are links which point back to their website. 

To me, Off page optimization mainly deals with marketing and advertising the site but not limit to, link building, guest blog posting, blog commenting, Social media marketing etc.. 

On page optimization = Nature
On Page SEO on the other hand covers what can be done within the site itself.
Like genes in our body. Would you rather have bad genes or good genes in your body? Of course the goodies~ right?
Except the difference here is, we have the ability to alter the genes of the site we are working on. The traits that we want our site to express.

Lots of areas we can talk about when we say On page optimization. From simple website design right down to even the coding of a website.
Without exception, page content is still the most influential attributes in the context of On page SEO. 
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