What is SEO? The really basic definition

Last Revised: Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I've been talking about SEO on my blog for quite a long time but some are still unsure of what SEO exactly is about..
So for the benefits of those beginners who wants to know more about web page ranking or want to gain more traffics to your blog/site. This is something that you will want to know.

The word "SEO" is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization.  

First let's breakup the words into two segments and understand what each of them means.

Search Engine:
How you land on my page? Most likely is that you have used a search engine.
Maybe you are an expert in using any of these: Google, Yahoo & Bing (Top 3 popular search engines)
Search engine is one powerful tool that helps us fish out all the relevant informations that we need.
With billions of new pages added to the internet every single day we need something that can filter the data.
Imagine life without Search Engines. We will need to manually go through each and every webpage available online just to search for an answer.. Who would want to do that!
And with the infinite growing numbers of pages on the web how are we actually going to find what we need?

With that are you able to perceive the importance, the relationship between search engines and (your) web page? How it contributes to your web traffic?

The word simply speaks for itself ! To optimise! Simple as that.
We want efficient. We want to get the best out of it. Make better/full use of it.

Search Engine Optimization:
Now by joining the words back together. I hope you can now better understand what exactly this is all about.
When we study SEO we are actually learning how search engine works and taking the full advantage out from it. SEO helps to increase our page visibility by reaching out to our targeted audience.

Hope my definition on SEO helps clear some of your doubts.
Will be busy for the next month..so wont be blogging much for now.
In late May, I will be starting a guide series on Blogging SEO so keep a look out or like our facebook page
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