10 commandments to successful SEO

Last Revised: Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Oh yeah. This marks the beginning of my blogger SEO guide.

Even if you are not a blogger these 10 golden rules still serve as a basis for you to succeed in optimizing your website.

And if you managed to follow what is being engraved on the stones I created, you are on the right path to White Hat SEO.
Some must be thinking.. Why? Why should I stick with White Hat and not go Black Hat?

Reason is very simple.. Google's search algorithm is always changing for the better. Why?
To wipe out all the black hat spams and low quality sites! Of course!

If you choose to venture into the dark side.. Be prepared to get your ass slapped by some black/white animal someday.

Therefore to create a true everlasting successful website/blog .. My advice is ..
To follow the 10 Commandments!

Thou shalt have patience
Thou shalt not think and not act
Thou shalt not provide contentless article
Remember you are writing for human
to keep it legible
Honour thy visitors and loyal readers

Thou must understand how search engines work
Thou shalt keep things simple
Thou shalt not steal
Thou shalt not be deceptive
Thou shalt not convert

  1. Thou shalt have patience:
    SEO is not a quick fix. This is a slow process. The results do not happen at instant.
    Rome wasn't built in a day. High PageRank sites do not magically just appear overnight.
    If it does.. something must be wrong..

  2. Thou shalt not think and not act:
    What it actually means is you must not just think but also do some actions. You need to explore Make use of the tools that other people/we have provided you with. Read Learn &.. Action!
    Every site is unique. Find your identity and work towards it!

  3. Thou shalt not provide contentless article:
    I don't think there is a need to for me emphasise on this any further. Should you have read any of my past articles you would realise the importance of writing a quality content.

  4. Remember you are writing for a human to keep it legible:
    Long gone were the days of keyword stuffing. Spun article.. blah blah blah.. Google is getting smarter.. And Why would anyone read something that doesn't makes sense, needless to say promoting it.

  5. Honour thy visitors and loyal readers:
    Why do SEO? You want people to come to your site Right? Show your readers that you value them. Make your site user friendly. If you don't like to read/see crap on other peoples' web page what makes you think that other people will read the crap you've written on yours.

  6. Thou must understand how search engines work:
    You have to know how they work! Not only that! You must also have some knowledge on the different types of techniques used by both the black hats and the whites. Is always good to know what the black hats people are doing but don't ever go to the dark side. Get hold of the latest Google updates.

  7. Thou shalt keep things simple:
    Average time users spend on a web page visit often last less than a minute.. If they cant get what they want they will leave your site. So it is always helpful to provide something simple and easy to read but at the same time informative to the users. Eg. Bullet points, Info-graphic...

    "Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler"

  8. Thou shalt not steal:
    Be creative! Why use other peoples work? Just because you are lazy you dont have a brain! You ZOMBIE! lol.. You think that by doing nothing you could gain something? That's usually not the case people. If you put in hard work you will be credited.
    Ps: my site was being scrapped recently make sure you are on the official Sound@venture.. Yeh We all know that this is inevitable..

  9. Thou shalt not be deceptive:
    Provide relevant information. Dont cheat your reader they are not dumb they are humans..

  10. Thou shalt not convert!
    Yes It takes alot of hard work to be successful with SEO. Particularly referring to the white hat..
    So whatever you do stay with the white, we will always be the stronger force.
    We will always be the last one standing!
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