Traditional Recipe: Asian Pork Oyster Crépinette 客家年菜:酿蚝豉

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Good things 酿蚝豉
Good Stuff 酿蚝豉
蚝豉 (Oyster Crépinette) pronounced as haosi(好事) which can also means "good things" is a Traditional Chinese New Year dish of the Hakka Clan. Since my mum is a hakka chinese she would make this dish for reunion dinner every year.
I can tell you that this dish is not something you'll want to make and eat every day.. reason is.. it requires alot of hard work + time... and not very healthy cause it uses caul fat ..

This is a secret family recipe that has been passed down from generations to generations..yeah lots of people had tasted it and love it.
my grandma used to make them but now that she is old, she doesn't cook anymore ...

Anyway here I am sharing this great meatball recipe with you..

*Using estimated measurements this is a dish for "experienced chef" lol
This recipe I am sharing yields about 70+ "Good things"
Yeah!!!! alot of good things hahaaa..

Lots of Ingredients:

8 pieces    扁鱼干 dried sole fish / flat fish
300g         干耗 dried oyster (medium sized not big big not small small)
4               黄尾鱼(番薯鱼) yellow tail fish (they can be use for making fish balls)
800g-1kg*  较肉(猪)Ground pork  (the ratio varies some people like to have more fish meat )
500g*        猪网油 pigs'caul fat (Will be using them for warping)
2 Tbsp       次粉 Tapioca flour
                  盐 Salt
                  酱油 Soy sauce

Start of Cooking lesson..
  1. Prepare your caul fat.. Click on the link to find out how to do it.. 
  2. Clean your dried oyster and soak them for 3-5 minutes in warm water..
  3. and also wash the dried sole fish 
  4. Pat dry the oyster and sole fish
  5. Fry the oyster and sole fish..

  6. Fried Dried Sole Fish
    Fried Dried Sole Fish
    Fried Dried Oyster
    Fried Dried Oyster

  7. Blend/pound the Sole fish into fine powder
  8. Fillet your fish... and scrape the meat of off the bones and skins

  9. Fish Bones
    Fish Bones

    Scraping the meat off the fish skin
    Scraping the meat off the fish skin

  10. Chop the fish meat finely until you have the same texture as your ground pork..
  11. Mix in your ground pork meat, fish meat and the fried sole fish powder

    Mixing the meat
    Mixing the meat

  12. Adding the Sole fish powder
    Adding the Sole fish powder

  13. Add in 2 tablespoon of tapioca flour 
  14. Salt and soy sauce to taste (you have to estimate 2 -3 teaspoon should be alright)
  15. Mix until homogenised 
  16. Form the meat into small patties and embed one dried oyster in each of them
    Embed dried oyster in meat mixture
    Embed dried oyster in meat mixture
  17. Now we can start wrapping the packets of meat with fatty membrane (one layer only)

  18. Open up the Caul fat

    Cut off the excess Caul
  19. Just warp and wrap, my back ache while helping my mum to wrap all these

  20. All the "Good Things"
    All the "Good Things"
  21. Now fry the good things till golden brown...
    Fry It
    Fry It

    1. After frying you'll need to steam it!
      Steam for about 20 minutes. You can eat after frying but i'll recommend you to steam it.
      Reason is that by steaming.. it'll bring out the flavour of the oyster which will be released into the surrounding meat.

      Ps:Your balls will have a richer taste if left overnight..

      Make some Chilli to go with your Balls
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