How to Prepare Caul Fat What is this fatty membrane

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Caul Fat
First! I believe most of you dont know what is Caul fat? They are use for wrapping meat like a sausage wrapper keeping the moisture in while cooking. They usually melts away after frying or baking leaving a silky smooth texture on the outside. This might not be a common cooking ingredient that you'll see in your everyday cooking show. Even if you have seen one you might not know what is it called. Needless to say, which part of the animal did it came from.

Dr. Oz Oprah Winfrey Greater omentum
Dr. Oz  talking to Oprah Winfrey
about Greater omentum
So. What actually is Caul Fat? Its scientific name often referred to as greater omentum. Most animals have this lump fat membrane. Even us humans have it.. which are commonly known as the belly fat or beer belly fat

See even Dr. Oz talks about it..

The greater omentum actually hangs over the stomach covering the intestines just like how you would wear an apron. The primary function of omentum is to store fats.. that later can be accessed and used as energy source.

Ok Enough of my anatomy lesson.. Lets talks about the cooking and preparing of Animal caul fat.

猪网油 Pig Caul Fat
猪网油 Pig Caul Fat
In Singapore you can get the Caul fat from your nearby wet market butchery. If the butchers are kind enough they would give you for free.  yeah.. free stuff.. a lump of fat lolz.

Dont know if you can get lambs or cows caul in the market. They should have it, I guess.

To clean this lump of fat.. this is how my mum do it.
Usually when you get the fat they can be quite dirty and may have little specks of unidentified objects. I believe is sand?

  • First wash it with running water and picks the dust out.. Do not rub or twist the caul with violence, you will break the membrane.
  • Soak it in cold water for about thirty minutes. Drain off the water. (My mum said do not use hot water it will make the caul shrink and warp)
  • Soak the caul in white vinegar (No dilution). For an hour. You can use lemon juice if you like..
  • Drain off the liquid wash the caul.
  • Soak the caul again in cold water for another hour. Drain off the water and pat dry it.

Now you are ready to use your fat.. you can store it in the feezer for weeks if you like.

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Fat (Parody of Mj-Bad)

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