Make Chinese chilli paste to Chicken rice Chilli sauce to Belachan

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Facing heaven pepper or skyward-pointing chili pepper 指天椒
Facing heaven pepper or skyward-pointing chili pepper 指天椒 

We are running out of chilli again!. Is time to make some chilli dipping sauce.

Ok! First. Apply glue on the chilli and... Just joking..

Asian Oyster Crépinette with Chilli paste
This Hot chilli paste is great for dipping 蚝豉 (Asian Oyster Crépinette) herbal chicken soup and seafood soup typically any asian food should goes well with it.. Do head over to the traditional Crepinette recipe if you have not seen it.

This dip is more or less like sambal belachan chilli paste except is made without the belachan (belachan = rotten shrimp paste). Which some people may find the smell and taste provoking..

Seriously I have no idea where this chilli paste was originated from except from my grandma lol...
And by adding different ingredients to it you can make different kinds of Chilli sauces Eg. Chicken Rice Chilli sauce & Sambal Belachan which I will tell you how..

There is nothing difficult in making chilli sauce is as easy as eating a pie yummy... lolz...

Ingredients for Chinese Chilli paste:

Ingredients for Chilli paste

And that's all you need to make chilli sauce and don't forget about your trusty blender..
Put everything into the blender and start shooting your very own Will it Blend? video lolz :P..

Will it Blend Chilli paste
Will it Blend Chilli paste
My mum like her chilli to have a fine thick consistency, Similar to that above ^
Well for me having bits of seeds is ok..  
Basically you are done with the paste IS Just So Simple!
It can be kept for a long time half a year at most O.O haha No kidding.. 

Now lets move on to How to make the Hainanese Chicken Rice Chilli Sauce and Belachan Chilli Sauce

Remember me telling you  that by adding certain things to the paste you can get a different type of dipping sauce..

For Chicken Rice Chilli Sauce 
You'll just have to add in about 2 tablespoon of Calamansi juice (a kind of lime). Careful you do not want the sourness to be too over powering..

For Belachan Chilli Sauce
You'll only need to add in an extra ingredient to the Chicken Rice Chilli Sauce which is the fermented shrimp (Belachan). Stir fry your Belachan.. After that mix in with the recipe for Chicken Rice chilli sauce simple as that.

Above is the different ways of making the different kinds of chilli sauce. Write in your comments if you know of other chilli sauce that uses the similar ingredients.

Lastly lets end off this post with an old song ..


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