Probiotics and Prebiotics! No More Antibiotics

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Yoghurt Drink
Yoghurt Drink 
Today. Lets talk about these three Biotics that we ingest.

Probiotics, prebiotics and antibiotics I believe you are no stranger to these terms. At the very least, you would have heard of "probiotics" in some yoghurt drink Tv commercials.. or those "antibiotics" that was prescribed to you by the doctors when you are sick.

But do you know
What are the differences between each of them? and
What exactly do they do in our body?

So in order for everyone to understand better I have come up with this analogy. Plus is easy to remember.
If you study Hinduism or Buddhism you should be familiar with this..

Yup..I am going to relate the 3 biotics (Probiotics, prebiotics and antibiotics) with Trimurti which I think no one has done it before.

What is Trimurti?
Trimurti underlying concept is to help us gain insight on how universe the cosmology function. It simply consists of these three forms or gods:
Brahma the Creator
Vishnu the Preserver
Shiva the Destroyer

Each of them plays a unique role in sculpting the universe but at the same time they correspond with each other.

This system also can be reflected in the world of biotics.. Instead now. We are the god! "Godfinger" of the little biotics world. sounds fun eh.. lolz.

We have the ability to create, preserve or destroy.. these little micro-organisms.

But first we need to know on/in our body there are both good bacteria and bad bacteria. If the bad bacteria over powers the good it will make you feel sick. Therefore we need to maintain or even boost the good bacteria in our body  to keep ourselves healthy.

Why do I say that the probiotic, prebiotic and antibiotic is similar to Trimurti?

Probiotics as the Creator

Cross-Section of Tempeh
Cross-Section of Tempeh 

Probiotics are products with good living micro-organisms, often contains good bacteria that is required in our body. You can get them in the from of supplements pills or food Eg. yoghurt and tempeh.. (but I wonder who eats a raw uncooked tempeh.)
So when we introduce the probiotics in our food or body they will eventually starts to grow and create their colony helping us to fight off the evil microbe.

Prebiotics as the Preserver

So now  that we have the creator that provides us with good bacteria but how can we maintain them, provide them with a good living condition?
We feed them with prebiotics! Prebiotics are food that contains dietary fibres  Eg. whole grains, oats..
Prebiotics help stimulate the growth of good microflora ,the good bacteria (probiotics). We can also call this synergism the synbiotics.

If you have a healthy microflora, your body will not feel sick easily. When you have a good immune system, you do not need to visit a doctor.. When you do not visit a doctor you will not be treated with antibiotics.. yeah.

Antibiotics as the Destroyer

Antibiotics Drugs
Antibiotics Drugs
Antibiotics are being used as medications to treat bacterial infections. The most famous and the first Antibiotics discovered is penicillin..
How antibiotics works is that it kills or stops the bacteria from multiplying. When I say bacteria it means both the good and the bad ones.. yeah.. double edge sword

So remember next time when you take antibiotics you know you are killing both the good and bad bacteria in your body.. not only the bad ones..

My take here is have a good diet take prebiotics and probiotics, they help keep you healthy!

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