Ginger Milk Curd Pudding 姜汁撞奶 Recipe

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Ji De Chi ginger milk curd
Ginger Milk Curd at Ji De Chi
Ginger Milk pudding/curd or 姜汁撞奶 (Ginger juice Meets/Collide Milk) is a dessert originated from Guangdong, Southern Province of China. And is arguably one of the well known dessert in Hongkong. You can either have it hot or cold.

First time I came to know about this dessert was about 10 years ago? But never had the chance to tried it. Until few years ago I had it at Ji De Chi . Anyway I am going to teach you how to make this wonderful "simple" dessert at home.

So what are the ingredients needed in making this curd?
Basically you only need two things. (I can tell you Meiji Milk is by far the best milk i've tasted in Singapore.. if you have not tried it yet go grab one! you might like it...)
old Ginger and Meiji Fresh Milk Milk
Ginger And Milk

Ginger + Milk and alittle "MAGIC!"   ....... Maagic..

Xiao Zhong 小钟
Xiao Zhong 小钟 "Magic"
Of course is not real Magic haha.. ahhh is Science or if you want to know the "chim" term is called Molecular GASTRONOMY.
But First Let me tell you about the steps in making Milk Ginger Curd after that I will go through the miracle of science ..

There are only Three Simple Steps to Make this Jiang Zhi Zhuang Nai.


Step one: Extract the Ginger Juice From old Ginger
Blended Ginger Pulp
Blended Ginger Pulp
well for one bowl/cup i use about 0.5 to 1 cm of the ginger grate it/pound it/blend it which ever way you like (i've tried all) after that extract the juice out (Since i dont like to waste my ingredient I will be skipping the extraction process and use the pulp instead if you dont like to eat ginger fiber and prefer to have a silky curd just squeeze the pulp to get the juice)

Note: never cook or boil this raw Ginger juice

Step two: Warm the Milk  
Get yourself a thermometer or if you are a "experienced" cook like me just use your sense and warm the milk to about 75 - 80 deg C. You do not need to bring it to boil. Mean while you can add in sugar. Stir until your sugar has dissolved fully.

Final Step: listen to this song (another stupid joke)
Now Collide the ginger juice and sweetened warmed milk. Pour the mixture into your favourite container or bowl and allow it to set..  it should take about 20 minutes or so? And is done!

And this is how you take a picture of it.. by resting your spoon on the curd

Homemade Ginger Milk Curd

30 min
By the way Ginger Milk Curd is used as a remedy for sore throat. So next time if you want to alleviate the pain for throat inflammation just try out this easy recipe. the Molecular Gastronomy Of Milk Coagulation..

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