Cajon Portable Drum kit in a box

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Cajon in Spanish literally means drawer. This is one little instrument that I would love to have it in my home.. who knows may be someday I might consider building one myself!!.. but my mum would definitely nag at me since she does not like "unnecessary things" to be seen in her house o.o

Cajon Drum In a Box
Cajon Drum In a Box
Some of you might not have seen Cajon before as it is not a mainstream instrument. I only got to realize about this wooden box looking instrument 3 years ago? Yeah.. 3 years ago and in actual fact this is considered quite an old instrument compared to some other uncommon instruments that I have blogged about earlier.

Still remember vividly the first time when I saw somebody beat a box, I was blown away by the sound it produced.. How can a box sounded so much like a drum kit's bass and snare.

This stool looking Drum box came from Peru (Peru is also popular for their Panflute/panpipes) There is even an interesting story behind it.. It is said that the African Slave are the ones who made the Cajon. Since making music is forbidden the African Slaves, they will have to find alternatives to disguise their passion for music. And because these shipping crates look like stools than to musical instrument they started making beats out from them in secrecy .

With the correct techniques you can use Cajon to perform any genres of music. Nowadays more and more people are making song covers with it. This instrument is a great alternative to a drum kit and it is really portable. Besides all these, the box can be disguised as a furniture in the house.

Lastly lets enjoy a cover done by
Boyce Avenue and Megan Nicole and also a little Cajon

Skyscraper - Demi Lovato (Boyce Avenue feat. Megan Nicole acoustic cover)

Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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