Probiotics and Prebiotics! No More Antibiotics

Last Revised: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yoghurt Drink
Yoghurt Drink 
Today. Lets talk about these three Biotics that we ingest.

Probiotics, prebiotics and antibiotics I believe you are no stranger to these terms. At the very least, you would have heard of "probiotics" in some yoghurt drink Tv commercials.. or those "antibiotics" that was prescribed to you by the doctors when you are sick.

But do you know
What are the differences between each of them? and
What exactly do they do in our body?

Get yourself Hypnotised by Restaurant Music while Fooding

Last Revised: Saturday, January 26, 2013

Music Psychology has always always been an interesting topic to discuss about. As a music enthusiast  I am always fascinated by how the different sounds can influence one's thoughts. Let's learn more about it and harness The Power of sonar today lol.

Blossom Gets Hypnotized
Blossom Gets Hypnotized
Over the years various studies have been made with regard to restaurants dining environment. Namely the design (this include colour, space..), the lighting, the smell, the sound, needless to say the taste of food..
You are right, all that I've mentioned earlier deals with our five senses.

Stop acting like a Girl Google. Even though I regard you as best friend

Last Revised: Thursday, January 24, 2013

I know.. I know.. alot of people have been poking fun about Google's auto complete sentence suggestions.. but I am not referring to that..

Something else sparks me to write this post..
For the past few months I have been following my blog status closely..

Like every web master, I would like to get my site indexed by Google quickly and proficiently.
But one thing that really annoys me is that even though my pages got indexed for the first few days..
it may be gone for the next few.. I have no intention of playing peekaboo with you Google.. -_-

You are so unpredictable..

Prepared Music? Why do you need to prepare it.

Last Revised: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hey hey people. Is time for another music appreciation or rather music bites.
Prepared piano Screws Bread Clip
Prepared piano Screws Bread Clip
Chomp Chomp Chomp! (Feeling so hungry now after composing the first few lines..)

So what is? prepared music?.. you are probably wondering.. Hmm Is it the practices a performer have to do before each performance. There is this Chinese saying "台上一分鈡,台下十年功" which means you need ten years of hard work to perform a single minute on stage.

.. or is it the fine tuning of musical instruments before the show, getting their tune to sync.

Cajon Portable Drum kit in a box

Last Revised: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cajon in Spanish literally means drawer. This is one little instrument that I would love to have it in my home.. who knows may be someday I might consider building one myself!!.. but my mum would definitely nag at me since she does not like "unnecessary things" to be seen in her house o.o

Cajon Drum In a Box
Cajon Drum In a Box
Some of you might not have seen Cajon before as it is not a mainstream instrument. I only got to realize about this wooden box looking instrument 3 years ago? Yeah.. 3 years ago and in actual fact this is considered quite an old instrument compared to some other uncommon instruments that I have blogged about earlier.

Still remember vividly the first time when I saw somebody beat a box, I was blown away by the sound it produced.. How can a box sounded so much like a drum kit's bass and snare.

Nuffnang reply to my ticket on CPUV Campaign

Last Revised: Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby Never give Up Spirit No Peanuts
Nuffnang Baby Member earning from CPUV Campaign
As some of you might know I have started this blog for about 3 mths plus already. My traffic is still pretty low. One reason being the primary niche I am targeting is low, that brings out the reason to why I am doing a multi niche lifestyle blog. I also understand that a 6 mths period is required for a new site to be fully indexed and take off. But whatever blogging is suppose to be fun and I write what I like..

How to Expand and Collapse Texts or Post In Blogger

Last Revised: Saturday, January 19, 2013

This post will be showing you on how to make your texts go "Now you see me now you dont" in Blogger posts.
As you can see I am always going nuts thinking and coming up with new ideas which will make my posts engaging.

So one day I was thinking to myself what if I can write something fun for my readers. something that requires participation.  Not only am I able share my views clearly, my readers also felt engaged..
If you are interested in how I execute these show/hide post html code do take a look at my Black Hat or White Hat? Star wars Post.

First let me start the session by showing you an example of how the expand and collapse will look like.. and what you can embed inside them..

Choosing a Musical Instrument? What should I play?

What music instrument should I get? a piano, flute, guitar, drum ...?
This is a very common question for someone who wants to start learning music and not knowing how to go about choosing it.

Allow me to provide you with some helpful Question to ask yourself when you want to make your way to a music store. You certainly do not want to make a bad investment? do you?

Eigenharp is much more than a harp

Last Revised: Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is time for another weird instrument. Check out my list of exotic instruments if you haven't. This time round is a 21st century instrument.

Started its development by Eigenlab a UK company in 2001 and was introduced to the world in 2009.
Eigenharp is by far one of the most expressive electronic instrument I have seen. Its design is very unique, unlike any kind of instruments you've seen before.. is like having various instruments and a computer crammed together as one..

Vegetarian Keema with Tempeh Easy Peasy Recipe

If you have read my previous posts you will know that I always like to talk a little bit about the food before showing you the recipe... like wise for today.

Today we will be making  
Vegetarian Keema

Black Hat or White Hat SEO? May the Force be with you!

Last Revised: Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) there are these two forces of black and white  fighting against each other(in this context they are fighting for rank and visitors), the Dark Side and the Light Side. For those who loves star wars might find this unusually familiar.

Of course in reality there exist not only no pure black or white there are also those in between greys.
Still unsure of which way they should go?. In the end is up to you to decide. How you use the force determines your chosen path..

Choose a Force to follow..

Black Hat The Dark Side 

Darth Vader in BioSuit
Darth Vader Just Got his Suit

Black Hat SEO works just like the Dark Side, you gain power through negative emotions lust, greed, anger, ambition etc..  You do not need as much commitment compared to the whites. Dark power rise faster..

Black Hat does not obey the search engine's guidelines and are often deceiving, providing content that are irrelevant and useless. Their technique includes

Keywords Stuffing-  Spam keywords in the article or meta tag that dont usually have any relationship with the page context.

Cloaking - Creating door way pages that are highly optimised with keywords to rank on the search engine. At which the end user would be directed to another page if they decide to visit it.

Links Buying - buying Inbound/ back links from other sites that helps boost the value for the site.

Scraping and Spinning - this is just a higher level of plagiarism ..taking articles from others and spun it

However! there is one important thing to note.. The dark side have no control over the power, is the power that controls them.

Once you get caught by google (I am only taking about Google since so many people are using it right now and is my best friend lol) you will have to face the consequences.. your beloved site will either  be put into Google's sandbox or removed... till then you will be having a hard time to rank your site...

White Hat The Yoda Side

Well done "Youngling" ! to encourage you to move on.. A video for you, here I have

Yoda - Feel the Force By melodysheep/Symphony of Science

White Hat SEO on the other hand requires a lot of hard work and patience to achieve the results Is like training to become a Jedi o.o.... And You definitely have full control over the force.
Very different from Vader's black helmet white hat also kown as ethical seo follows the search engine's guidelines strictly.. Bounding themselves to the code of Jedi, morality and justice.
White hat methods includes

Quality Content- creating content that are informative to the users. Content is King and is lasting.. readers want to read something that is worth their time.

Appropriate Title and Description - clearly summarises the page. Users know at instance what your page is about when they search for it.

Link Building - build organic backlinks by the means of using social media. Fackbook twitter.. if people likes to read your stuff they will probably link back to you.

Good site navigation and interface - when a visitor land on your page they want to have a good experience clear layout and navigation. No one likes to recommend a page that is cluttered.

Remember the force of white hat power is permanent and stable.. Although it requires alot of hard work and patience but in the end you will always be the successor in this game.

May the Force Be with You...
STAR WARS Theme by John Williams

Ievan Polkka! Wave your "Stick" wildly

Last Revised: Sunday, January 13, 2013

Leek Spinning Orihime Inoue from  Bleach
Leek Spinning Orihime Inoue
If you are not living under the rock like a starfish, you probably would have seen this Leek Spinning Loituma Girl. If not click on the link and start staring at Orihime Inoue from the Bleach Anime spins her stick. They even provide you with a timer at the bottom...

Blast your Ear Out in MRT or Not? Kaboom!

Last Revised: Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beethoven's ear trumpets horns funnels
Beethoven's ear trumpets horns funnels 
Are you one of those annoying people in the MRT who blasts music on earphones.  Yes this is an interesting topic that was being raised again and again and we all know the reason why..  What is even more very fascinating is to see people taking pictures of those "music blaster" and posting them on STOMP? should you just tell them off..

Vocaloid the new Synthesized voice

Last Revised: Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Some of you might be familiar with the term auto tuned but how about Vocaloid?

Hatsune Miku Live Hologram Concert
Hatsune Miku Live Hologram Concert at Tokyo 

This technology was actually introduced by Yamaha Corporation to the world in 2004. I actually did tried out version 1 of this software back in 2007 but it was kinda difficult to manipulate partly because I was using the Japanese version and there were still a lot of development problems. So I gave up using it since no one around me seems to appreciate this glitchy product that time..

Molecular Gastronomy Of Milk Coagulation

Last Revised: Saturday, January 5, 2013

Continue.. from Ginger Milk Curd

Here is a simple explaination of it..

While some of you might be familiar with the cheese making process in which they use rennet a type of protein enzyme(protease) that coagulates the milk. It is actually the same reactions that occur when you add ginger to milk.

Ginger itself contains proteases. These enzymes will exhibit proteolytic activity cleaving the protein structure. This hydrolysis reaction actually disrupt the affinity of Milk protein causing the structure to change. Thus resulting the hydrophobic casein group to clump together. Separating the Milk into Solid and liquids.

Hey you science freak! want to read more? you can check this out Science Journal from pubmed

Ginger Milk Curd Pudding 姜汁撞奶 Recipe

Ji De Chi ginger milk curd
Ginger Milk Curd at Ji De Chi
Ginger Milk pudding/curd or 姜汁撞奶 (Ginger juice Meets/Collide Milk) is a dessert originated from Guangdong, Southern Province of China. And is arguably one of the well known dessert in Hongkong. You can either have it hot or cold.

First time I came to know about this dessert was about 10 years ago? But never had the chance to tried it. Until few years ago I had it at Ji De Chi . Anyway I am going to teach you how to make this wonderful "simple" dessert at home.

Mr Durian Youtube Debut Ooooo

Last Revised: Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New year Everyone.
Have been Busy lately did an animated clip but in the end decided to scrap it. Oh well .. .. maybe next time I can make a better animated video .. for now this is Mr Durian debut.

little green men say OOOOOoooooo
Toy story Little Green Men pointing up
Little Green Men pointing at Mr Durian


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