The Square International buffet @ Furama

Last Revised: Sunday, June 21, 2015


Yeah~ Durian month!! ~ Happy Birthday to all June babies~
This time round I am pigging out at The Square.
An international buffet style restaurant at Furama hotel.

The Square

Since this is one Atas hotel, price per pax will be around $50++ for Lunch buffet and $60++ for Dinner buffet.
If you are here with $100 NS Family Recognition Voucher like me, you can have 2 pax dinner buffet and 2 glasses of house-wine with an additional payment of $10.
Red White Wine
Red and White Wine
heh  ... I prefer  spend my FRV on a hearty meal than to encased myself in the Bloop balls (Bubble balls? or whateva you want to call it)

Anyway for those who do not have any voucher to redeem but is keen to dine at The Square..
Look out for their seasonal 1 for 1 promotion or visit their dining promotion page for better deals.

The good thing about hotel restaurant is that you can practically feed your grumbling tummies till wee hours in the morning (Dinner hours @ The square 6.00pm – 3.00am ).
All hail~bottomless pit stomach~ for a total of 9 hours! lol..

Let's have a look at the dishes they served tonight...

chilled prawns mussels shashimi
Chilled seafood corner Prawns, Shashimi and Mussles

Chinese Teochew style Porridge
Chinese Teochew style Porridge 

easy bake oven
Easy bake oven~ To make your very own cheese bread?

Cheese Box
Cheese box~ Perhaps Wallace the cheese connoisseur would know what these cheeses are.

fruit cake

Ice cream
Add your own Ice cream toppings 

Chocolate Cakes
More cakes
Enjoying my cheese and crackers


Roasted duck
Roasted duck
Steamed fish and stir fried prawns
Steamed fish and stir fried prawns
jalapeno peppers
 food Jenga with fried jalapeno in the middle 

Salmon with red peppercorn
Salmon with red peppercorn
red velvet cake
Red velvet cake

Chocolate fondue and red velvet cake
Chocolate fondue and red velvet cake
sculpture with strong resemblance
Sculpture with strong resemblance 

Overall the food is nice and their service is good.
The buffet food is replenished at a reasonable rate. They do serve crab dishes (black pepper or chili) which most Singaporeans would go gaga over. But as for me.. my favorite will be the fried jalapeno poppers mmm~ the intense cheesy feelings.
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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