Soup Restaurant (三盅两 件) at IMM

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Heh.. I should have done this review earlier..

If you are a herbal soup enthusiast.
If you are looking for a dining place where your old folks can enjoy.
then this might be it~
San Zhong Liang Jian

Soup Restaurant is a Cantonese themed eatery that offers Heritage Cuisine that were served in the Chinatown night bazaar in the 1960s~

Soup Restaurant's cantonese name sam zhong leung khin (三盅 件 - three bowls two dishes), is a derivation of a popular Cantonese expression yat zhong leung khin (一盅 件 - one bowl two dishes) which signifies a relaxed lifestyle of consuming teas and dim sum dishes at tea houses in the early morning. 

Ok. Time for food..
What is the "must order food" at Soup Restaurant? 
jiang! jiang! jiang! The legendary "Samsui Ginger Chicken" ~

Samsui Ginger Chicken
If you ever been to soup restaurant of any chain.. Take a look around! 
I assure you that almost everyone has a plate of "Samsui Ginger Chicken" on their tables! 
Personally.. I like chicken that are served cold and they provide unlimited flow of cabbage which you can wrap you chicken with lolz. hehe ya we ate everything... including the cucumber slices.
cabbage wrap your chicken
cabbage wrapping the tender chicken

By the way.. for those who know how to cook, you can easily recreate this dish at home.. 
yup.. even easier. if you have a bottle of samsui ginger sauce at hand..

samsui ginger sauce

I got mine for free during mother's day..
PS: they have the same promotion for the upcoming father's day as well.

And these are some other dishes I had...
Teochew olive rice with braised pork belly. Mm the omega-3 lol..
abit oily though .. if you cant take oily things then this might not be what you will like.

teochew olive rice

Mushroom with bean curd skin and broccoli

diced mushroom with bean curd skin and broccoli

Hometown fried fish belly

Hometown fried fish belly

too bad there isn't any picture for the soup
haha I was busy eating and I forget to take a picture of my soup .. -_-

Overall I like their dishes. They are simple and delicious.
if they could lower the price of their food..  it'll be even better haha.
I would recommend you to go for the promotion~ if they had any.
For the sake of convenience this is the link to their webby.

and don't say I didnt warn you. hor....
remember to make your reservations before going down..  
they usually have long queues.. especially during special occasions.

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