How can student make online money while staying at home Why?

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Penny pincher in the making? No~ Im not~ I'm just a poor college student
who can't afford to splurge.

For me to eat and get around my "durian forest", an allowance of 300-400 SGD per month is barely enough .
On top of that, I need to pay for my tuition fees..
Save up for my long awaited graduation trip (which is not so soon)..
Replace my "helicopter" sounding laptop...
Otherwise known as~ I need more pocket money syndrome!! $$~

Why online jobs are popular among students

Like many college students, instead of turning to our parents for financial support,
I ended up taking a few part/full time jobs to fulfil my wants and needs.
Finding a job posting for student is not difficult, the underlying problem is the unforgiving rigid work hours and OTs.
If you have an unsympathetic employer, you can forget about taking leave or off-days to prep for your exams.

It's never an easy task to juggle between work, school and personal life.
Lucky for me, my ex-employers were very understanding, but even so, I was having trouble getting myself focused.

So many things going on at the back of my mind....
deadline for my assignments..
my revisions..
OMG! I have exams tomorrow!

My mind and body are equally exhausted.
My life is like a living hell.... Arghhh~
I realise that my grades gonna fall if I kept on with it.
But how am I going to have enough savings for my graduation vacation... if I don't even have an income.

Well~  if you have the same experience~
and you are looking for a flexible work time job to accommodate your busy school schedule.
Then getting an online job might just be your best solution!

Different ways of making money online

There are many genuine online jobs like accounting, bookkeeping...
But you might also be surprised by the fact that majority of these home based online jobs postings are actually "work at home scams" -_-
Survey form filling site or phishing scams sites? You decide

Instead of you looking at some utterly useless home based data entry jobs ads at Gumtree.
I strongly encourage you to start your own home base business. eg blogshop or selling your own products online.

Popular among college students as well as homemakers, below are some of the great ways to how you can make money online.
Rest assured, they are 100% much safer and reliable compared to you filling up an online survey form.

Some companies like Fiverr or seoclerks pay to buy your services. These companies will offer micro jobs as well as some really simple tasks like tweeting on twitter, you'll then be paid accordingly upon completion. Micro jobs don’t necessary mean small revenues, depending on the job level and profession you may end up earning a few hundreds dollars for a given task.
Types of micro jobs include but not limited to the following: Graphic design, video editing, translating online marketing, songwriting, programming .. etc

Monetise your blog or website via online advertising network or affiliate marketing.
Although Adsense is the best paying advertising network  some publishers may have a hard time getting their accounts approved. If you cant get into adsense program, why not try the others network first.
There are a quite a number of advertsing which you can sign up for, nuffnang,, chitika, yahoo bing network, infolinks... (I started off with nuffnang)
Another way to earn is though direct affiliate.
Most bloggers took at lest 6 months or more to earn from a new blog.

Youtube - vlogging
Similar to blogging.. Instead of you sharing your views, thoughts or daily rants with text, you make
videos! Of course when you share your videos on youtube you will be monetising them with adsense.
Its's hard to determine what makes a video go viral. There is no particular structure that guarantees a viral video, however videos that went viral are often the ones that are either odd, funny, pranks, thought provoking or controversial.

Making use of the free blogging platform to start an online business is no stranger to many young Singaporeans. The concept of blogshop is so popular simply because of its low cost simple start-up model.
But I would highly suggest you think twice if you plan to start your own blogshop.
All I can say is the market here is over-saturated.

A Maker? A photographer?
You design and make your own jewellery at home?
Nowadays you can practically sell anything online from paracord bracelet, modified model cars to even pre-designed blog templates.

Good news for camwhore.. if you have a camera that follows you every where you go...
Why not sell your photos online? Oh by the way I am not interested in your selfie. Take advantage of the stock photography websites, build up your portfolio and start making your money.

Is possible for a college student to make a living online but bear in mind that these methods will generate money only if you are willing to put in consistent hard work and dedication. You cant expect much just by sitting at home and shaking your legs, this is the biggest misconception that most people have.
Apparently, fast, quick and easy money making applies only to scammers.
So always be extra careful not to fall into their traps~

Note:When it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
$$ don't just falls from sky... You just have to work for it!
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