Google when you are super bored during holidays

Last Revised: Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Google, the search engine giant that has loads of hidden gems.
Some of which you might have already came across, some maybe not.
Whatever it is, I'll be sharing with you a few that I find amusing /useful.

Of course, if you know of any other hidden Google eggs or useful tools such as these below feel free to share it with us in the comment area.

Free Online drum machine with Google translate

While Google Translate may not be your go-to German English translator.
It will definitely be your one and only translation machine that beatbox.
Dont believe me? Try it out for yourself on Google Translate
Copy the string of Gibberish, change the language to german and press the speaker icon.
pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch
Have fun creating your own beats~
The Translator Drum machine

Zerg Rush

Most Starcraft players should be very familiar with what a Zerg Rush is. Zerg is an alien specie that has the capability to proliferate quickly and lunch an early game attack. If you google for "Zerg Rush" a mini click defence game will appear. Little “o” characters will creep in from all sides of the screen and start to destroy your search results.
Zerg  destruction
O my what happen to my search results

Play Artari Breakout in Google search

Inspired by the pong game, Breakout is one of another old classics game that was developed by Atari. Search for "Artari Breakout" and click on the image tab. Time to Break the images bricks.
Break the bricks
Break the bricks

Dragons slaint with google doc

Those who have not tired google doc you are missing out quite a lot. There are a bunch of things you can create using google doc application. Such as creating an online survey .. a contact form... (contact page of this blog is created using google doc.) 
But do you know what will happen if you simultaneously pressed the Shift + F12  key while you are working on a google doc spread sheet
A dragon will be slayed
Each time you press Shirt+F12 A dragon will be slayed Poor Dragons
Perhaps they should put in more effort into slaying the Microsoft Office.

Check for your flight status

Feeling bored while waiting for your flight?
Well~ Is holiday season some of you maybe on a vacation.
But do you know you can check for the current flight status on Google?
Whether your departure is delayed or on-time?~ what is your flight time?
Just enter your flight number in the google search bar and Boom!

Show me the money. How much is a dollar? a dollar?

Now if you are travelling you'll eventually need to know the exchange rate of your currency so
Type in "convert X amount sgd to usd". They even provide you with the currency exchange trend line.

You may want to look at the disclaimer that they had put up as well.

The rise and fall of soup. 

Do you know "soup" searches peaks during the winter season.
Nothing is better than having a nice bowl of hot soup that warms your body up during the cold days.
Google trends is useful for market studies as well as understanding the demand patterns of a particular product.

The Google Santa Tracker

Christmas is coming~ Google has paired up with Santa's elves for this wonderful event of the year. You are invited to explore Santa’s village while Santa gets ready for his journey. A showcase of santa's latest Google Maps technology and his sleigh engineering. Find out more about Santa's journey as the days unfold in the month of giving and sharing. 
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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