Revival of the old pong computer game with adsense

Last Revised: Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The Good old classic Pong Game

Well how many of you remember playing this classic old game on your green computer screen?  I do.
Yeh! this is the game that kick-start the whole video game industry. 
Huge yellow Ten Happy Birthday
Huge Ten Happy Birthday 

Anyway if you own a Google Adsense account you'll notice that there is this huge 10 located on the bottom left side of your Adsense page.  Adsense is celebrating its 10th birthday today. So many June babies huh haha. 
Mouse over the big 10
Mouse over the big 10
I looked at my frozen adsense earnings...felt a bit bored
Starts to hover my little mouse over the big yellow 10 and look what i've discovered. 
A green Loading bar appeared and then VoilĂ ! I'm now playing the pong game on my adsense. 

Adsense pong game
Adsense pong game
Have fun! If you love the old classics.
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