How to repair a stuck sliding glass door by changing the wheel parts

Last Revised: Friday, November 22, 2013


Is your patio sliding door getting cranky?

My bathroom sliding glass door got sticky recently.
Having a door that sticks is frustrating so I decided to fix it myself.
Of course there are various reason to why a sliding doors screech.

Below are the 4 major reasons.
  • dirty rollers and dirty tracks 
  • rollers and tracks not lubricated/smooth 
  • the wheels not aligning properly to the track 
  • rusty rollers, corroded rollers 
Bathroom sliding door
Bathroom sliding door
The first two problems can be easily resolved by cleaning and lubricating the tracks.
And if vacuuming and lubricating your tracks doesn't solve your problem you'll probably need to replace the wheels which I will be showing you how to do it.

First thing you need to do is to access your rollers.

Get your sliding door out from the track. You can do so by lifting the patio door up and tilt the bottom of the door towards you.

My door is small therefore I can manage it on my own.. if you had a large door you should get someone to help you with it.

You can see how old and dirty the twenty year old door is.
patio sliding door

Rusty wheel on the left and a badly corroded wheel on the right. 

patio rollerssliding patio door rollers

Now lets get the wheels out . 
Unscrew both ends and you should be able to get the bottom frame out. 

Slide the wheels out. Bring it to your nearby hardware store and get your replacements.  
You should get a few of them as these plastic rollers usually wear off after a few years. 
I got mine for 2SGD per plastic wheels
new sliding patio door rollers
sliding patio door rollers

Slide the new wheels back into the frames. Screw in the screws and you just made yourself a few extra bucks by not calling in a repair man.

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