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Last Revised: Friday, July 19, 2013


First off, Hurray to Singapore! First time a Singaporean won championship at Evo.
Awesome game! I managed to watch the whole game replay. Even though I am not a gamer haha. 

Anyway.. the games I am introducing here are very different from your Classic SEGA Sonic game or even the addicting candy crush game that you play everyday during your office hours. 

What I will be talking about here are human-based computation game. These games are specially built and played for purposes.
Such as helping researchers to map out the 3d structure of neurons..
Figuring out the different ways a protein can be folded..
Sounds cool right?!
Humans from all around the world spend about 3 billion hours per week playing games. What if we could harness the time and brain power of bored people like you and me and put to greater use?

Take Eyewire for example..
It takes upwards of 50 hours for even the best neuroscience researchers to map out just one neuron! And there are well over 84 billion of them in just one human brain. Imagine how long will it take for the group of researchers to map the whole human brain. Therefore MIT has developed this game for anyone in the world to play.

I have started playing Eyewire last week manage to complete a few cubes, interestingly challenging. If you are into brain science and would like to help out with the brain mapping visit

The next game I will be touching on is actually the first human-based computation game I encounter.
That was about two years ago...saw an article with a big head line Gamers Makes Aids Breakthrough..

Instead of helping scientist to map out brain cells Foldit is a protein folding puzzle game.
Like how you would solve a Rubik snake toy. Proteins composed a long chain of amino acids.
Every protein folds up differently and is this folding pattern that specifies their functions.
Since there are so many possible ways a protein can be folded, it will take up lots of time and computer power to solve. Foldit takes advantage of humans' puzzle-solving intuitions to help fold the best proteins.

So next time if you ever feel bored, wants to play some games.
Why not try out these games and PLAY your part in advancement of the sciences.

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