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Last Revised: Saturday, July 27, 2013


You only need ONE powerful addon to understand the SEO metrics of a ranking site.
And SEO Quake is the #1 choice that comes to my mind.
Doesn't matter if you are newbie or an expert in SEO.

This tool is very useful for anyone who is doing competitive SEO research, it gives a good guide of where your competitors are actually standing.
Best of all, it's Free.

I'll just briefly go through some of the features that SEOquake offers:

Once you install the plugin, this is what you'll get.. a modified SERPs
You'll see rows of analytical tool bars sitting below each web page.

Durian SERP SEOquake
Informations displayed on these bars are fully customizable:
Google page rank, Alexa rank, Indexed page from the various search engines (Yahoo, Google and even Baidu!), Facebook likes ....

If you think these parameters are not enough. They even have add-ons for you!

Best feature I like about this extensions is that it allows you to view the results in CSV format.
In others words, you can scrape the whole data and export it as an excel spreadsheet. 
The possibilities of what can be done with these data are endless!

SEOquake is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and even Safari browsers!
Give it a try and install this extension on your browser now!
And Tell me if it's good or not.
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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