Back to school shopping for text books and pens

Last Revised: Tuesday, July 16, 2013


While folks from certain parts of the world are enjoying their summer vacation at the beach, mine ends this week. :(
Why do Holidays always seem so short?

And I got sunburnt Not because I went to beach damn... how ironic... lets not dwell on it any further..

School will be starting next week!
I went back school today and got my 2 little text books and few trusty Pilot pens.

Another semester of hell is awaiting for me..
Roughly flipped though my course materials
Just when I thought I am done with all the maths modules..
My nightmare is back to haunt me again...
Is Engineering maths! Muahaha ... (Even Sheldon Cooper is laughing at me)
Scoring in maths is not really that difficult the only part I dislike is the practising part.
Going through all the hectic maths exercises... Oh my.

Lets hope this time round I can pull up my overall GPA.
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