How to fix Galaxy Tab 10.1 boot loop

Last Revised: Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Bad day..
This morning, I was browsing though the net with my Samsung 10.1 Tab..
Was one of the best tablet when it first came out..  any way
my internet browser suddenly got frozen.. thinking that it was the usual problem
I went on to restart my device..
Happily waited.. saw the animated stars flew round the logo
Then! It just hang there with the glowing Samsung logo -_-...
Ohhhh~.. My "wonderful" tab just went into a bootloop.

Most Android users should be very familiar with this phenomenon.
Bootloop is where the device refuses to boot normally, boot cycle is hindered and stuck.

Recovery mode Tab 10.
Recovery mode Tab 10.1

So what to do when you get a bootloop?
  • Do not fear! Your device is not dead nor has it turn into a brick. 
  • Backup your device if possible 
  • Get to recovery mode (For Samsung Tab Hold Power button + Volume UP
  • In System Recovery select “wipe cache partition”option using the volume rockers and confirm your selection using the power key.
  • After that reboot the device.
  • If your device is still stuck in the bootloop repeat the above steps excpet this time round you will need to select “wipe data/factory reset”. 

Yup I tried all the above but it still doesn't work.. I am only left with re-flashing my tab with stock ROM.

And if you are going to re flash your Rom like me. Remember to check if the flashed ROM is made for your device, same model number.
Thank goodness my tab is back after doing flashing.

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