Homemade Tempeh veggie burgers

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Patties are usually made from ground meat packed together with large amount of salt and seasonings. Sometimes eggs are added in as binder agent to keep the mixture from falling apart.

The grounded mixture will then be shaped into flat round cake for cooking or storage.

In the modern days patties are often served sandwiched between split buns. As fast food companies started incorporating burgers into their menu. It then quickly became a popular global food .

And who knows what junk has gone into making these fast food meat patties.

Perhaps connective tissues and cartilages?

Whatever it is... lets move on to the cooking of Veggie patty burger..
Tempeh from Singapore Sheng Siong
1 packet of Tempeh got it from Singapore Sheng Siong Supermaket

This burger is made specially for you Vegan! This patty recipe does not use egg and milk
(not suitable for Jian vegetarian or 素: Smiley garlics are used, you may want to omit them)

Veggie Patties Ingredients: 

2 packets of Tempeh
2 cloves of Smiling Garlics
1-2 table spoon Soy Sauce
Smilling Garlics
Smilling Garlics From Acme Company
1/2 teaspoon of White Pepper
1 table spoon of Cooking Oil

Feel free to add in your favourite herbs

Baby Lettuces
Baby Lettuces 

Other ingredients:
Buns/ Bread, I am using whole meal bread
Sweet Baby lettuces
Mustard sauce or any other dressing you prefer

Vegetarian Tempeh Patty Burger
  1. Minced the garlic in the blender,  You can chop them if you like 
  2.  Throw! In all the veggie patties ingredients into your blender (except the cooking oil) 
  3. Blend the ingredients together you do not need the paste to be very fine..
    Some texture and chunks of tempeh is good  
    Blended Ingredients
    Blended Ingredients 
  4. The blended mixture should be sticky enough for you to shape the patties.. (if is too dry add in a little bit of water)
    Shaped tempeh patties
    Shaped patties
    1. After shaping it you can either grill the patties or fry it.. 
    2. Add in your 1 table spoon of oil in your fry pan, coat the pan evenly with oil.. as usual I am using a Chinese wok lolz
      Although Tempeh absorbs alot of oil..1 table spoon of oil should be enough.. because we are not deep frying it..
      Frying tempeh
      Frying them in the wok
      1. Fry till golden brown .. and you are ready to serve the patties.
      2. Assemble it with the other ingredients bread, baby lettuce and your favourite dressing..
      Tempeh patty Burger
      Hey what are you waiting for? Start munching!
      My lunch for today was great!! Click to Read more about tempeh and its probiotics's benefits..
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