What is Starrboard and Harpejji?

Last Revised: Thursday, December 20, 2012


Spongebob: Hi! That Patrick Star what is starrboard ? does it shaped like you?
That patrick star: uhNo? but it kinda look like you.
Spongebob: oh. ah. i see .. so what do you do with it?
That patrick star: You play with it?
Spongebob: oooohhh..
Both: gahahahaa gahahahaa ....

Ok enough of my stupid joke.. This Starrboard is actually one of a kind instrument that went extinct in production and got revived again not long ago in 2007...
Starrboard was initially created by John D. Starrett in the late seventies. The instrument is like a hybridisation of piano and electic guitar. Was patented in 1985 but has now expired. Although the starrboard is no longer in production, you can still get a similar instrument called Harpejji.

Harpejji is actually an evolution of starrboard. Both harpejji and starrboard playing technique is the same. It has an isomorphic layout similar to that of a janko keboard. Currently I think only Marcodi Musical Product is producing harpejji if you are interested in buying one you can head over to their website and check it out.  I wish I can try out this instrument someday o.o

look Jordan Rudess playing harpejji with his mad finger skills

Another great video
Even Stevie Wonder our Legendary Super human musician plays Harpejji

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