How to Add Star Rating Review Markup For Blogger

Last Revised: Thursday, December 20, 2012


Review Markup Rating 5 3.7 2.5
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rating Stars
I was surfing just a while ago, not in the sea but on the internet.
And I noticed that some review sites have these little stars showing on the search results.

So I was wondering, is it possible for me as a blogger to have my own rating stars as well since I am also doing abit of food service reviews.

And yes it is possible! So those of you bloggers out there who are doing product or any other kind of reviews You are in Luck!

How to have Review Markup For Blogger: Rating Stars

Is actually quite easy, below is the code

<div class="hreview">
 <span class="item">
 <span class="fn">The thing that you are reviewing</span><br/>
 </span> Reviewed by <span class="reviewer">Your Name</span> on
<span class="dtreviewed"> Jun 10 2012<span title="2012-10-06" class="value-title"> </span><br/> </span> Rating: <span class="rating">3.7</span>

After you finish writing your review post switch to HTML tab. (Beside the Compose tab)
Just copy and paste this Code at the end of it. And remember to Change those highlighted words!

Note: For rating you can even have weird fractions like 4.7.

After that You can preview the snippet by using Google Rich Snippets Data Testing Tool .
Input your Url for the post and press preview you'll see stars! wow. lolz...

A Preview of my post using the Snippet tool

Now all you have to do is wait, for those little Insect Spiders Google reared to crawl over to your page..  I am waiting too..

Update: Yes the spiders have successfully crawled my page.

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