Nuffnang: Gosh I lost my GLITTERATI status!!

Last Revised: Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Yesterday when I login to to my nuffnang account, I found out that I've lost my Glitterati Status Oh my!...
I am already earning pathetic peanuts from it.. and now my Nuffnang Glitterati got stripped off.

Non-Glitterati Icon
After checking through my site I found out the possible reasons why I am being demoted back to Non-Glitterati.

Stupid me.! I've added my inactive blog to my Nuffnang account. And Even though I have added the Nuffnang ad code to my blog the ad units doesnt show-up. Why? because I am using the dynamic view template..

I dont know what is the real reason behind my demotion..maybe is because the blog is stagnant or the ads cant be detected by Nuffnang's "Crawling insect".
For whatever reason I just want my Glitterati status back.. Immediately I went on to remove the inactive site from my account.

Glitterati Icon
Glitterati Status
And today I am glad that I got my Glitterati status back.

Note to nuffnang users:

For Nuffnang members out there I urge you to always check your blog and see if the ad units is showing. Never add a blog which is inactive to your Glitterati account.
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