Mongolians and Delay Lama Overtone Singing

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uuuueeeeeeeeehhhhhh.... auuuuuuueee.. heh cough*

oh Hi there! I was just trying out overtone singing. yeah is fun lol.
I find this vocal sound rather intriguing at the same time unusually entertaining..

Khusugtun BBC prom
Khusugtun Overtone Singer
This singing technique is believed to have originated from Mongolia, dated back in the period of Genghis Khan. Traditional art of Mongolian overtone throat singing is often coupled with the sound of horse head fiddle.

The Mongolians refer this throat singing technique as hoomii or khoomii. By dexterously controlling the lips muscles, larynx, pharynx and the air flow (pressure), one is capable of producing harmonic partials. Simply put it as they can produce two different notes simultaneously. Is something like a bagpipe or hulusi, a sustaining sound of a drone accompanied by the sound of a chanter.

To have a better understanding let us listen to an excerpt from BBC The Human Planet Prom.

Dalai Lama two fingers pointing up
Dalai Lama
“Happiness is not something that comes ready made.
It comes from your own actions.”
Well there are other parts of the world that also practices throat singing. Tuva, Khahassia, Pakistan...etc. Even Tibetan buddhist also practice throat singing or I should say throat chanting.

Why do I specifically bring out Tibetan? That is because the first time I heard and recognise the sound was actually from a software audio synthesizer software plugin called Delay lama. It features a 3D monk with animated facial expression, just like how you'll perform the overtone singing technique.

Yes.. I Vividly remembered this plugin is because I like it very much dont ask me why.. I just find it funny and fun to play with.. perhaps you may like it too. If you are interested you can download it for free here.

This will be my last post of year 2012. We have survived 2012 and onwards to 2013!!
So I have special video just for you featuring Delay lama. Wishing all my blog readers A Happy New Year!

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