I know Kiwi but What is EWI?

Last Revised: Saturday, December 8, 2012


Sliced Kiwi on Tray
Sliced Kiwi On Tray

What is EWI?

What a weird name for a musical instrument. It makes me feel like eating KIWI, the hairy fruit not the bird.

EWI known as Electronic Wind Instrument. Was invented by Nyle Steiner in the 1960s.

The fingering system is similar to that of a saxophone and clarinet. Since EWI is a Midi powered device you can basically play any instruments or synthesized sound with it.  If you don't understand what a Midi device is just think of as an electronic keyboard with a library of pre-set instruments.

The special thing about EWI that I personally like is that it works like a saxophone yet it was electronically powered. For those who love the sound of sax would know why saophone was labelled as one of the most expressive instruments in contrast to a human voice.

Picture of Nyle playing EVI
Nyle Steiner Playing EVI
It all lies in the mouthpiece, the technology is referred to as the wind controller. Not only the electronic mouth piece is able to sense wind/breath dynamics but also the embouchure pressure making it possible to apply the expressive techniques of a saxophone.

Since Nyle himself is a trumpet player he also made an instrument named EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument). Similar to how a trumpet is being played using three piston valves, in this case three electronic buttons. To change the octave on an EVI you'll have to turn the big knob located at the bottom using your left hand.

Lastly, allow me to introduce you to a song that I like played by an EWI.

T-SQUARE - Truth

Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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