Google Makes Jam with chrome?

Last Revised: Thursday, December 6, 2012


Eww.. Metalic chromium Jam!
Nah.. not taking about the fruity jam that you spread on your bread every morning..

Just last month , Google has launched another cool experiment is called JAM with chrome.
Yeah Google like to do experiments.. So do I. keke.. you can visit their Library of experiments here.

So What is this Jam with Chrome experiment about? It is actually a web based interface that allows people from all over the world to JAM together in real time. There is a total of 19 playable instruments for you to select, ranging from drum kits to drum pads to guitar to  keyboards..

Even if you have no talent in playing the instruments Google has installed the easy mode switch for you.  Instead of playing each single note, they have loops in easy mode autoplay.

I've tried playing it.. I find it glitchy though. Anyway there are a few limitations that I would like to point out. The app allows invitation up to 3 people which means you can only have 4 people, including yourself, in the session. No recording button found.. aww that is what I am looking forward to in this JAM..

Meanwhile if you like to know more about the coding of this Google Jam Experiment, here is a good page to visit. CASE-STUDY: JAM WITH CHROME - HOW WE MADE THE UI ROCK
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