Why buy when you can make flute?

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Yoz! Do you like to make a musical instrument?
Of course you do! If not, you wouldn't have landed on this page. Right? 

There may be a few reasons to why you want to make your own flute.. for me I find that is not easy to get a flute here in Singapore ( not talking about western flute). Often hear people asking where can I buy a flute in Singapore?  You can find them, but they are like searching for rare items in a game.. Furthermore bamboo flute may splits when not taken care of properly. Not very durable compared to a pvc made one.. ..For more, here is my article on plastic instruments

Since I love making things out from scratch... why not build my own flute :)
White Black Quena Flute
 White Black Quena Flute 

But First let me give you a short introduction on this flute that I made.

Quena is originated from Andean. It has a distinctive sound comparable to a bird-soaring in the sky. The early materials use for making this flute are from animal bones and condor quills..   slowly wood and bamboos are used instead..
My favourite and very first song I heard played using the Quena would be  El Condor Pasa (The Condor Flew Past), go check it out. You might have heard of the tune before. 

 I dont have a bamboo forest here in my country But I will teach you how to make flutes using PVC pipes.
No bamboo forest
But we have 2 great Pandas
Note: The given dimension could be use for making a wooden one.. provided if you have a bamboo forest near you :P

Hmm.. should I gave this Quena flute a name "The Panda Flute?"..
Ah! Jiajia Kaikai have eaten up all the bamboos.. too bad they dont like plastics..

Ok.. Enough of my stupid blabbering..
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